Monday, September 20, 2010

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned I have some exciting news in the next few weeks to come!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What have the Morrison's been up to

I know I know lack of blogging. Its been a crazy week. Where shall I start this might be kinda long OK here we go. So as we all know this past weekend kicked of my birthday weekend. Zach and I went to go eat Sushi Saturday night and the went to this yummy cupcake place called Muddies. So Good... Then Sunday rolled around my actual Birthday and I had balloons and breakfast ready for me... Then we kind of laid around all day and went to dinner. We were at dinner it was Sam, Dad, Zach and Debbie. Zach is taking me shopping this weekend so that was my present from him and Hudson. My dad gave me money and Sam gave me this beauty right here I love Pandora and Ive had my eye on this baby for some time now. I Love It. Thank you Sammie
Now onto my next gift from Debbie she never gives bad presents but this one toped the list. I open it and its a picture frame that says Babys 1st Birthday. Are.You.Freaking.Kidding.Me.Right.Now
Then I said because I have a smart mouth like that. Thanks Deb Ill go home and put my baby picture in there. She goes well your a Mommy now thats the things you get now UM news flash not on my birthday its not. I thought it was the most unthoughtful gift ever. The one day that was my day and she gets me something for Hudson. It just really hurt my feelings. But ha what can you do just move on and get over it.

Now onto what did I buy this week. Allot of stuff for my son. Here are a few of the good buys 

Went to the baby Gap and got this cute Jacket 

I love it and its really cute on

And I had to splurge on this the other piece to our Orbit Stroller (The Toddle Stroller Seat)
The umbrella stroller just isn't cutting it anymore so this should be here next week.
I love the Red and I wouldn't change anything about the stroller even if you have to buy it in pieces

O and on a another note I sold my car So that means I am getting a new car woot woot. Thats another post.
Have a great day..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Today starts off my Birthday Weekend....

So today starts off the weekend which starts off my birthday weekend. My actually birthday isn't till Sept 5 but I have always done the its my birthday weekend. I know its not a very special birthday cause ill be 28 wow 28 time flies its like just yesterday I was just turning 25... Oh well I plan to spend time this weekend with my family, the shopping mall, my Sam,Zach,and Hudson. I think they are cooking for me Sunday and I'm sure Zach will do something for me Saturday. Well its another year down and I guess a few short years till I'm the big 30. WOW. I cant wait for the weekend and I just have to share I bought Hudson some fall clothes last weekend and let me tell you now that he is out of little baby clothes and now toddler clothes baby gap is the best place for cute little boy clothes. I also bought him some New Balance Shoes and Red Converse and he absolutely loves wearing shoes they look so cute on him. I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 3 Days till My Birthday to Me

So my Birthday is in 3 days. Today I'm making some changes I'm getting my nails done today and I'm also changing my hair I think I'm going to get more brown put in my hair for the fall. I want a change and I also got my hair cut and it's a lot shorter than I normally get it. Right now it's a little longer than shoulder length. Then it's off to the park with Hudson. I'll post some pictures later. Hope y'all have a great day...