Thursday, October 27, 2011

Uncle Fuds Farm

Im the Room Mother for Hudsons class and Im really excited i was asked because I get to see my sweet Hudson at fun school events and parties. Tuesday it was Uncle Fuds Farm. They set us a little petting zoo area and had a train ride and even had a Jumpy. Hudson loved it all but the tractor I think it was to loud for him. Once again here are some pictures of our fun day. Im so lucky to have this job and seeing Hudson at school.
Hudson loved all the animals he even tried to grab the ducks beak. It was to funny after they all got done they went over to pick out a pumpkin. Hudson was so warn out by the time we got home. ***********************NEW BLOG POST BELOW********************** kristinsignature

Zoo Boo 2011

This past weekend we took the boys to ZOO BOO. It was our 2nd time and Hudson really enjoyed it this year. We also took Grampy Mike with us and of course Auntie Sam and Joe came along. I do have to say I loved the Halloween Costumes this year. Hudson is going to be a dog and Holden is a little skeleton. It was so funny cause when ever Hudson got candy he would have to stop and eat it. So it was constant stop and go it was so much fun. Once again here are some pictures.
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St Louis and Pumpkin Patches

Last weekend Zach and I took the boys to St Louis to see my family. To say we had a blast is an understatment. We went shopping, ate, and hung out. Sunday before we left we went to the Pumpkin Patch with everyone. We go every year. Here are a alot of pictures from our trip.
We had a blast with family,fun, and great food. we cant wait to get back in December!!!!!!!!! *************NEW BLOG POST BELOW************** kristinsignature

Pumpkin Picker

I have been so bad at blogging so there is going to be a lot of catching up to do!!!

A few weekends ago we went to go pick out pumpkins. Hudson had a blast running around picking up pumpkins he was loving the little baby pumpkins. Here are some pictures of the boys getting there pumpkins.

I'm this tall

This is more my size

I'll take this one

Love how he has his arm on him

All our pumpkins

We had a blast and it was kind of spur of the moment so the kids weren't dressed cute!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Phone Dump

This is of last week. Picture overload of sweet boys,boo boos

Trampoline Fun

Silly boy

Trying new things

Eating dinner fun photos

My dad haha

Surprise Zach :)

Scary baby haha

Big boy

Peaceful sleeper

Crazy sleeper

This makes me smile

Sweet boy


Aunt Sams Birthday

Hudson thought lacy needed treats (a whole box)

And last but not least a boo boo

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I know I'm on a roll :) have a great weekend!!!!

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