Friday, December 31, 2010

To Worry or Not to Worry A quick Question

We went to the Dr yesterday and when they were doing the big ultrasound she said that I have a low lying placenta she told me not to worry I would just get more Ultrasounds and would more than likely correct itself but I'm kinda freaked out I don't want to have a repeat of losing another baby and I'm trying not to worry and I trust the Dr's but has any one experienced this before. If so could you just let me know if it fixed itself or if it doesn't correct itself what will happen. Hudson was a perfetc pregnancy untill the very end I had some issues but why is this happening all of a sudden?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nashville,Kentucky, and Christmas Day

We had a big surprise for my MIL for Christmas Tyler her youngest son just got back earlier that week from Afghanistan we didn't think he would be able to make it home in time so Debbie didn't think she was going to get to see him so she was a little upset about it. She left to go to Bowling Green on the Wednesday before Christmas to get everything ready. That night we had Christmas with my family before we left that next morning. Tyler somehow got a flight in to Nashville so we left bright and early Thursday Morning to go pick him up. We got Tyler and grab some lunch then it was off to ICE. If you haven't heard of Ice its at the Opryland Hotel and its awesome the theme this year was Santa Clause is coming to town. I have lots of pictures for that.

Tyler and Kristin

Zach,Hudson,Kristin,and Tyler

Uncle Tyler, Daddy and Hudson

Then we left Nashville to make our way into Bowling Green Kentucky. We were going straight to eat with the family so we left Tyler and Hudson in the car and Zach and I made our way in. Debbie asked us were Hudson was and we told her that we left him in the car because he was sleeping and then Tyler walked in and said hey y'all left your kid in the car and that's when she started to cry it was really a great surprise. here is a picture of all of us

Debbie and Tyler

The Family

Zach,Hudson and I it was snowing
When we got home it had already snowed 3in and by the time we got up Christmas Morning there was 5in on the ground talk about a White Christmas.

Christmas in Kentucky 2010

Zach,Hudson,and I had the best Christmas I hope y'all had one as well.
There is another post after this one and we go to the Dr tomorrow to find out what where having please pray for a very healthy baby. Have a great day.

Zoo Lights and Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas Eve we did the Zoo Lights we had so much fun Hudson loved it. It was a perfect night for it. Here are some pictures below It was my Dad,MIL,Auntie Sam, Zach and I.

Some were from the Bartlett Christmas Parade  the first few are.

Debbie,Hudson,and I


Love this picture

This is too funny Hudson clapping and well Zach I don't know

                                                       Sam and Kristin

                                                                Kiss Kiss

                                                        My names Hudson nice to meet you

                                                    Big Big Preggo Belly

                                               Christmas Eve Eves
                                                        Auntie Sam and Hudson Christmas eve eve

                                                       Loves the Little People Train

                                                         Thats All

                                                         Santa and Hudson

                                                      Hudson loving on Grampy Bob

                                                    No Peaking

                                                         O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Very Thankful Post

It all started last night the whole family and auntie Sam went to Zoo Lights Hudson loved it we had a really great time and it couldn't of been a better night the high that day was 60 so it just worked out perfect after that we were all starving so we headed over to Huey's and were eating. My MIL works for the City of Bartlett so she gets all the accident reports and she was asking Zach and I if we knew this girl who was our age and her name didn't sound familiar and we asked her what had happen and she went on to say that her and her son who was 4 were in a bad accident and she lost control of the car and flipped and her little boy went in to cardiac arrest and passed away my heart just drooped and I started to tear up its so sad when you lose a child in any way I knew how she was feeling but I really couldn't imagine because he was 4 it just saddens me to put my self in that family's shoes if that was Hudson I don't know what I would do The girls were little we had time with them but she had 4 years My heart is just so heavy for that family. God will heal in time as he has with Zach and I.

~I'm so Thankful for a very healthy and loving family
~My sweet little boy Hudson he completes me and amazes me everyday at what he does
~My Zach I love him more than I ever have we just keep getting closer and closer each day I just glance over at him when he is driving and I'm in just complete aha over him still after all these years we have been together
~And last but not less I'm tankful for God and what he has done for our family Taking our girls away in March but blessing me with another pregnancy in September I think that was the best Birthday present I could have ever gotten. I now get it life makes sense and I completely trust him 100% we are both in his hands and next Friday is the big Ultrasound and I pray for a very HEALTHY BABY.

I hope y'all have a great Merry Christmas

P.S  Hudson finally got his picture made with Santa I forgot to bring it today but ill try to upload it tonight for y'all its too funny.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Week Ahead

This is going to be a crazy busy week. Lets start off what we did over the weekend Zach got an offer on a great job aside from his business which is in the line  of work he is doing which couldn't of came at a better time with a new baby on the way. He has teamed up with an investor who buys houses and Zach is his head person to run the jobs which is WONDERFUL things are finally looking up for us Thank God for him blessing our family so close to the new year!!! Zach needed new clothes for work so we started the day of shopping eating shopping some more and did I mention eating. Then we made a surprising stop. We went to our jewelry guy and looked at getting my ring added on to the ring Zach proposed to me means the world to me it was my grandmothers 65 year old platinum ring and Zach had bought the Diamond to put in it which was beautiful so we stoped buy to see if it was possible to add a few more diamonds on there kinda like a Past,Present,and Future ring. We ended up just having to get another ring but I'm putting my birthstone in my grandmothers ring so i can still wear it. It was a early Christmas Present to me he said I will get it Wednesday and let me tell you my hand fills naked with out my ring on. i cant wait to see the finished product. We had a blast just spending family time together Saturday. Sunday we went to my MIL to have breakfast she made us Eggs Benedict and fruit with potato's it was great. That topped are weekend off and then we went home and crashed.... Now on to this week. We have decided to go out of town for Christmas I'm really wanting to stay home but it will be OK were going to KY to see Nanny and Ddad the whole family is getting together but it will be fun I host a Christmas Party for family and  friends on Christmas eve but we will be gone so I have changed it to Thursday that will be our Christmas Eve party and then on the real Eve it will be our Santa morning after that we will get ready and with a few stops in Nashville to do ICE and go to Opryland and take pictures we will finally reach our destination to Bowling Green to have dinner with the family. So this week is going to be jammed packed. But what wouldn't be the holidays without a little craziness. i hope everyone has a great and Merry Christmas.

I am 17 weeks today and kinda sad because when I was pregnant with the girls we had just found out that they were girls. And would be having test soon for complications. This is when things started to go down hill with the twins if you could just keep us and baby H in your prayers for a smooth pregnancy and for God to give me strength in the next few weeks as I'm inching my way to 20 weeks with this new pregnancy. Thanks

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ho Ho Ho=No No No

We had a blast this weekend we started our weekend by getting up brite and early Saturday morning to go have Breakfeast with Santa. There is this place in Mississippi that has just started to do this so I got all of us reservations and we were on our way it was My Dad, MIL, Zach, Hudson, and I. It was a blast besides it raining the whole time on us it was in this barn and it was all you can eat of homemade breakfast which was a pregnant girls dream :). We ate and every thing was going so well UNTIL Santa walks by Hudson this is where the screaming came in I mean full blown tears its kinda sad because we couldn't even get a picture with Santa Hudson would not have it even with Zach holding him it was not OK. Here is a few pictures

 Ha Zach would kill me if he new I put this up He he(Poor Poor Baby)

Then we left to go to the Enchanted Forest Our Family and Zach's Family used to go all the time when we were little it was so much fun and we thought Hudson would enjoy it and he had a blast. I will post pictures later because  now the picture thing wont work lovely. Then Sunday was freezing I mean high only maybe 29. So I got in the baking mood and baked all day, watched some football, ate and we all stayed in out PJ'S all day it was nice then we went to my MIL for dinner it was a great weekend overall and Hudson still has a few Santa Outfits he needs to wear so maybe we will try the Santa visit thing again. I hope all had a great weekend and stay warm.
By the way I only have 17 more days till we find out what Baby H is......

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Counting Down The Days Till.....................

Yup I am counting down the days till we get to see Baby H again this is the big scan. Im really excited to be pregnant again. Im also alittle scared but Monday Night was a great Night I felt Baby H move for the first time. I forgot how that felt when I was pregnant with the girls I only felt them move once in the whole 20 weeks I was pregnant because I had so much fluid on my belly. This pregnancy fills really good. We went to the Dr Friday and we got to hear the heartbeat it was 160 bpm. It was great so now Im just counting down the days till Dec 30 thats when we will find out if Baby H is a Girl or Boy!!!!!

28 More Days

Monday, December 6, 2010

Micrale Monday

I'm writing this from my iPhone sorry for the quality.

This picture was taken when I was 8 weeks pregnant. We weren't planning on getting pregnant so soon we were going to try after the first of the year but God had other plans for us I'm due around the end of May I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and everything looks good we will find out what were having on the 30 th of December. We are not posting it on facebook yet. Im very nervous and have many emotions but I trust God and its in his hands. I hope yall have a great Monday I will post the pregnancy survey Friday.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I just don't know where to start. Lets start of with how I CANT GET MOTIVATED to do anything. Blog,decorate,cook, anything I don't know if its the holidays or me missing my girls I got out the Christmas Ornaments  today and as I was going threw them and came across the few I bought the girls win I found out I was pregnant with them I got a few with the Two Peas in A Pod and I was going to put there names on them this year its just hard. Also I'm kinda upset that I really cant blog about something I really want to blog about just because I don't want some of our family to hear it threw the great vine an them be pissed of at Zach and I for not saying something to them but isn't this what this blog is about to write about stuff that's going on in your life I guess that's one of the biggest problems I just want stuff to stay in blog land and not get told to other family members Its just risky with everything we have been threw. On another note I think Zach and I are going to get a real tree tonight I have Hudson a really cute outfit just to go pick out a tree hahah. In Memphis they have always put on a light show I guess you can call it that Its called Starry Nights its a ride threw park that decorates with lights I didn't know how Hudson would react to it but we were willing to take a chance. He.Loved.It smiling,pointing,laughing,dancing and at the end he clapped it was priceless just to see his face light up. Also someone in this household broke my computer outlets to wear I cant plug anything up no camera or anything I guess I'm hoping I get a new computer for Christmas from Santa we will see. I will leave y'all with the newest ornaments that I bought a few months back to add to the tree this year I love it because it had two little girls together perfect for Mallory and Mary. I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving sorry I just skipped the Thanksgiving post Hopefully I can get on the Ball soon. P.S Its not that I don't trust anyone that reads my blog I just cant take the risk of it getting back to our family... from word of mouth