Friday, December 31, 2010

To Worry or Not to Worry A quick Question

We went to the Dr yesterday and when they were doing the big ultrasound she said that I have a low lying placenta she told me not to worry I would just get more Ultrasounds and would more than likely correct itself but I'm kinda freaked out I don't want to have a repeat of losing another baby and I'm trying not to worry and I trust the Dr's but has any one experienced this before. If so could you just let me know if it fixed itself or if it doesn't correct itself what will happen. Hudson was a perfetc pregnancy untill the very end I had some issues but why is this happening all of a sudden?


  1. don't worry about it too much. With my daughter I had that too. All it means is that you could end up being diagnosed w/ Placenta Previa and would require a c-section to deliver. Mine resolved by 32 weeks so I could have a vaginal delivery. So in a way it is fun to get extra u/s to see your little one. praying this pregnancy goes smoothly for you and no more complications!

  2. I had a low lying placenta also! It traveled upwards by 26 weeks as my uterus grew larger. My SIL also had it, same outcome. I hear it can make some people bleed. The dr asked me if I had been bleeding because it was so low. I had not and we were still regularly having sex at that time. Hope it turns out to be nothing!!!!