Friday, June 22, 2012

Sneaky Peaky Holden's 1year pictures

My friend Cassie took these pictures of the Holden and some of Hudson to she's so talented!!!! Thanks Cassie for all you do!!!!!

Love all these and can't wait to do the rest!!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Show Us Your Life Kitchens

For some strange reason I can't figure out for the life of me on how to link up to Kellys page so I'll just do it from her.

Our house is an old East Memphis house that has been added on to. The kitchen is one of my favorite parts in the house. We love to cook. Zach more than I. I love to bake.

Here's the view from in the living room

This is the view from corner by the French Doors the oven is to die for

This is from standing in the Master Bed Room I love the corner cubby it fits perfect and in the fall I open the doors and it's pure Bliss

The backsplash is green and I love how we have the plate holders

I try to keep the countertops not cluttered but it's really hard.

We love spending time in the kitchen. Are table is across the den cause it was added on and it's a mess with Zach's stuff on it so I didn't take a picture of it

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things Hudson Says

I'm logging this down because Hudson is a trip these days he says some of the funniest stuff.

The other day Zach was making a grilled cheese and he burnt it Hudson looks up at him holds out his Thumb and says Good Job Daddy. Too funny

Hudson wanted to go out the other day and I said no Hudson it's raining out he looks at me and says No I don't think so

Zach was getting out of the shower the other day and he threw water on Hudson he looks at Zach and said daddy got my whole body wet "silly daddy"

Everything Hudson goes to be mean to Holden exp push, knock down, hit, kick etc he goes sorry baby and gives him a kiss

Zach said I'm going to take you with me to get your hair cut Hudson goes no Nana cuts my hair haha my mom

The things that comes out of his mouth are to funny he's getting to this really fun stage and I just can't be leave he will be 3 in 2 months!!!!!!!

The other day he looked at me and said Mommy I Love You, I said I love you to Hudson then he goes I'm glad your here mama this child melts my heart!!!!

Kristin's iPad

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tennessee Safari Park

A few weekends ago Zach had planned a surprise for us the Sunday after Holden's party. We went to the Tennessee Safari Wildlife Park it was so fun it was a ride threw zoo. We bought buckets of food and the animals were sticking there heads in the car. Holden loved it and Hudson was kinda ify on it. Zach and I have said that this summer we are taking the boys once or twice a month to do something fun like that on a little mini vacation those are the best ones. Here's some pictures of the park and animals.

By the end of the day the boys were ill

We had a blast then we headed home but stopped in Jackson to go to Casey Jones to eat and look at the trains. I'm loving all the good times were having as a family.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Zach and I bought a blow up pool for the boys at target a few days ago just for when were not at Mimis house. I got it big enough that we could get in it with them. We put it up yesterday and had a blast with it. Here's some pictures


Indianapolis Children's Museum

We left the camp site on Monday and traveled to the Indianapolis Children's Museum this is the worlds biggest Children's Museum it was great and 5 stories. It took us about an hour and half for each level to complete. Hudson's obsessed with Dinosaurs so they had a great exhibit on them. Here are some pictures (overload)

This was the outside so neat

Blown Glass Ceiling

Glass goes all the way to the top

Hot Wheels exhibit

Racing Hot Wheels down the wall

Tunnel of Hot Wheels

They also had a Lego Exhibit

Always standing on his head

Needless to say we had a blast we left there about 5 and we t home threw Kentucky it's such a beautiful drive threw there. We ended up going to a huge outlet store that detoured us for a few hours then ended up dropping in a Nanny and Ddads house in bowling green it was fun we didn't get home till 3am tuesday morning but we had a blast!!!!!!

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