Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holden's 3 Months

On August 25 Holden turned 3 months. Im just trying to soak him up and cherish the time I have with him being a baby still.
What had Holden been up to this month.
~still where a size 2 diaper
~can fit in 0-3 month clothes still
~loves your hands, loves sucking on them as well (3weeks now)
~is using your Bumbo chair and loves it
~still nursing every 2 to 4 hours
~nursing at night around 10 put you to bed and nurse you at 5
~sleeping threw the night(we got lucky again)
~loves your big brother, you just stare at him all the time
~your such a sweet baby always happy and smiling
~not a fan of tummy time just like your brother
~has been talking and cooing for about 3 weeks now
~he is laughing when you tickle him its so cute
~I'm guessing he weighs about 12 or 13lbs

Sweet Big Boy in your Seat

Hudson is to funny with my make-up brush

You are going on your first beach trip in a few weeks and we are so excited to watch you and your brother on the beach. You are such a loving little boy who brings us such joy.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Changes In My Life

Let me just say that this move has opened my eyes to a whole new world of people. We moved to East Memphis about 2 months ago. It turns out we knew a few people that we went to school with. The big changes come in right about now. I have a group of let's say people in my life that say there your friends But when you really need them they aren't there for you. I guess there called your just there friends. I guess the biggest problem I have is all the people who are fake. Zach and I have fake friends. That is a real good way to put it. Since we have moved here we have made and meet some really nice people over here. Unlike the fake ones who act like they are perfect and have all this money in the world and always want to compete with you much less make you fill like shit. I don't think of people like that saying there your friends. The other day I was going threw Facebook and deleted lots of people I have about 90 friends and family now. I'm just done with the bullshit and pettiness that comes with people. No I'm not perfect and I've came along way since high school about how your friends change and everything but what I have realized was the people I didn't talk to in high school are better friends than the people I talked to if that makes any since. So as of now I'm making these changes in my life. I'm ready to start over and try new stuff. I'm also going to start this boot camp training this week that is supposed to be awesome. I'm ready for a change and ready to get this 3 years and 4 babies later of pregnancy off my body. I'm excited of what's new in store for us. Ok I'm done ranting but I fill really good about getting this stuff off my chest. I hope everyone has an awesome week.
And to leave you a picture of my sweet sweet baby boys
Showing some love

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hudson's 2nd Birthday

Today is Hudson's 2nd Birthday. This makes me sad where has the time gone. I still can't believe I have a 2 year old. Today we went to the zoo and to eat to celebrate. Here are some pictures of the boys at the zoo.

Rock candy :) loved it

Yesterday we had his birthday party. We had so much fun and Hudson got some great things. It was good seeing everyone again and it was so pretty outside and not to hot like last year. We had cupcakes this year and I made the cupcake toppers. I think everything turned out pretty cute.
Hudson is growing so fast. He just keeps amazing me with what all he does. I love him so much.
He's the sweetest little boy. Here's some pictures of the party
He loves the card Aunt Sam got him it sings Mickey mouse

Sneaking another cupcake

The cupcakes

Sweet sweet boy

Blow out the candles

Door sign

Love this picture

Slam dunk

Birthday Boy Out

We had such a great time. Hudson wanted to get in Holden's crib tonight so this is some of the pictures I got. Haha love my two boys.

This was Zach's mobile when he was little Holden loves it

Hudson goes for his 2 year check up tomorrow I'll have his stats later on this week.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blow Outs,Lock Ins,and More

So lets start out with Monday. Monday we were celebrating my Dads Birthday. I was getting stuff ready so I left Hudson with Sam and took Holden with me.It was around six and I was wondering why it was taking Sam so long to get to our house. She drives a little VW Bug and its been messing up on her latley she calls me and shes crying and says that her car had locked Hudson in the car while her keys and cell phone were in the car as well as Hudson. She went in to call her mom first to bring extra keys but thought the fire department would be faster. So as she was in a panic Hudson was in the car waving at everyone needless to say we have had heat warnings galore here but that didnt stop Hudson, he started to freak out with excitment when the firetruck showed up. They got him out and told Sam it was ok it happens all the time. So sad she calls me after all this went down so I wouldnt freak out to. Hudson was loving the fireman and the truck they had to stay and watch it go away ha. Thank God everything turned out ok. So now she is looking at trading in her car. On other notes Tuesday Holden had two blow out and I ran out of clothes for him at work. Thank God we have a washing machine I just got the kids and left and worked on getting my almost 2 year olds party togeather so sad. We are finishing the last few touches on Hudsons party. Hopefully Ill get around to taking pictures of Holdens new nursery up by this weekend. I leave you with some pictures.

Love this Hudson painted his face
2nd Day of School
Sweet Smile
Play Hard Sleep Hard
Sweet loving Brothers

I hope yall have a great day.


Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Today Hudson started back to St Paul's. He's in the classroom called the Silly Snails. We got up this morning and got ready. Heres a picture of him dancing in the car.

He did great we pulled up at school and goes mama look look and pointed at the school.
He gave me his pasie baby and goes book bag. He is saying so many new words I love to hear him talk. Getting out of the car
Go go

Got my back pack ready

I can't wait to go pick him up today. I'm excited that he's back in school because he loves it but also a little sad because he's not with me. It will be ok just a few more hours.

Last night I was tickling Holden and he started to giggle. Talk about music to my ears.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A IPhone Post

Let's see what was snapped this week courtesy of my phone!!!

Holden is loving this All Smiles

And so is Hudson love them

My sweet little desk helper

Poor Hudson sweating cause Sam's car broke down not fun

Bella trying to get under the bed

Feel the love :)

Don't worry I'll get the boogie

Happy happy boy

All the toys he puts hisself in a cage with his doggie Lacy

And last but not least my dads pet at the lake house not ok

Have a great weekend it's my Dads birthday tomorrow so were going to celebrate. Then we will finish Holden's nursery. So Happy it will be done.