Saturday, March 30, 2013

Random Thoughts

I know this is such bad timing for this post and venting about stuff here and there especially with it being Easter tomorrow. I think I found my next idea I'm going to do. I'm going to make a book or journal of all the evil and mean stuff that my mother in law says. I think it would sell lots of copies. As people know we weren't in a hurry to tell his side of the family about being pregnant because the first thing that comes out of there mouth is we will pay to have y'all fixed. So nice. We were really waiting to tell his nanny and d dad about it but she called last night to tell us that she knew because my MIL had told her. Once again nice. When Zach came in and told me I swear I could of came across the city to where see was and just smack the shit out of her. I have no respect for someone who doesn't respect me or my family. So I got on Facebook and put a nice little memo about how the cats out of the bag and a big thank you by the way. We are having a baby boy in June. I guess one of her friends got on there and text her to go look at it. That's when the shit hit the fan. So now tomorrow I get to be around someone I absolutely cannot stand. Help us all and PTL it's only a couple hours. It's a really sad sad situation but what can you do. I just started to read the book Unglued so hopefully this will help a little. It used to not be this way at all I guess I just really stopped kissing her ass when Hudson was born. It's amazing how a child of your own can change everything about you!!! Anyways enough with that I hope everyone has a great Easter.

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Friday, March 22, 2013


Well last Friday I told my MIL that I was pregnant. Zach wasn't with us because he was working and she really needed to know since I'm huge and only have 3 months to go. We have with held the information from his family because there so not supportive of anything we or Zach does. So on that note I told her while we were eating lunch so she couldn't go all cray cray or get loud :) j/k not really. I just came out and told her we were having another baby. She asked when I said June. Even if your not happy for someone you still tell them congratulations its just freaking common courtesy but this does not apply to her and never has whats new. First thing that came out of her mouth was well I'm not happy about this. I told her I figured you wouldn't be that's why your just now finding out. Second thing she said is (this one is good) well are you getting your tubes tied. Are you freaking kidding me first off lady that's none of your damn business if we want another baby that's no body's concern we never ever ask anyone to help us or ask for money. Our kids are well taken care of, we dress them, feed them play with them love them and they go to a great school. It just really pisses me off. There is no support in that family and its just not right. That's why it stops here with my family. I will never ever favor my kids like my MIL does. Some people are just unbelievable. I have learned that you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else and it's very obvious someone's not happy with there self. I have learned to take it with a grain of salt and don't even let it bother me. It just hurts me a little that someone could say that to you. But I'm not surprised to say the least. I hope y'all have a great weekend.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wait For It....

So as many of y'all know we were going to open up a store front of my store
The Pickled Paisley. We have now put that on hold. B/C Wait for it, wait for it....

That's right The Morrison Clan is happy to announce that we are adding another Baby Boy to the family. He is due in June and I'm currently 27 weeks. We have had a bit of a rough 2nd trimester. Lots of scares but everything looks great now!! We were in shock because this was not in our plan but we will take it!! A baby is such a joy and a blessing. I'm really happy were having another little boy. A good friend told me we will never have a little girl because our sweet Mallory and Mary Grace were to sweet to replace. I thought that was an awesome answer and truth. We ask Hudson if he wants another brother and he said No I have Holden but he needs a brother, we just laugh. Here are some pictures. We still haven't told FB yet. 3 little boys all 2 years apart lord help me!!! I can hear it now when they get older the school calling me Mrs Morrison please come get your boys there in trouble again!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Pickled Paisley sneak peaks

We have just got our new Peaches n Cream, Molly n Millie, and Wallie & Willie
This are all great deals that you would pay an arm and a leg for at a boutique for. These items are new!!
So if you see any thing you like just comment Ill list the size and the price.
They should be here this week!!!
If your interested post email address, and size in the comment section or if you have any questions.
Wally & Willie
Pirate Red and Navy Boys Short Set
Sizes 12m (2), 18m (1), 24m (2)
Price: $35

Wally & Willie
4 wheeler Boys Short Set
Sizes 12m (2), 18m (1), 24m (2)
Price: $35

Molly & Millie
Dress and Capri set yellow and navy w/ whale
Size: 12m (2), 18m (2), 24m (2)
Price: $30 shipped

Peaches n Cream
Serendipity Dress
Size 12m (1), 18m (1), 24m (1)
Price: $40 shipped

Peaches n Cream
French Dressing knit Dress w/ leggings
size 2t, 3t, 4t
price $45 shipped

Here's a dress for all the Mommy's out there
This would be so cute for summer
This will ship this week
I have (1) S, (1) M, (2) L
Price: $38 Free Shipping

Hope y'all like every thing you
see. For kids and women.
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