Monday, January 31, 2011

23 Weeks

Ugh I look Terrible just woke up picture

Today I am 23 Weeks Pregnant

Due Date: May 30,2011

Size of baby: He is the size of a jicama?

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Ive gained 8 lbs(I go to the Dr Friday)

Maternity Clothes: Pants I live in I can still fit into alot of my reg shirts

 Gender: Its a Boy!! Zach's picking the name this time needs to hurry up

Movement:Lots of movement All.The.Time He moves more than Hudson ever thought about moving

Sleep: Great and Lots more needed

What I miss: Not a thing I Love being Pregnant

Cravings: The 4 S's Spicy,Sweet,Salty,and Sour
Symptoms: Heart Burn really bad last nite
Best Moment this week: picked out a crib and going to Dr on Friday

Weekend Fun

Some how I have messed up some of my pictures the way I had it laid out didn't really work and I'm not to sure why. So just bare with this messy post. Sorry

Let me just start off by saying we had the best weekend it was so nice and warm. I felt good to have the highs be in the 60's all weekend.

It all got started off Friday. San and I went and grabbed some lunch then took Hudson to the park. We had such a great time Hudson loves going down the slide and just running around. Here are some pictures I took.

Playing Music                                              Silly Boy
In the tire swing with Auntie Sam                  Looking threw the fence
 Playing in the mulch(boys will be boys);)      Funny Face
Sam had fun too jumping out of the swing    Coming in for a landing
 Let me just tell you its so hard trying to capture a moment of Hudson he is literally every where these days I have so many pictures of his backside and the back of his head its not even funny.

Then we came home and enjoyed a nice dinner.

Saturday we just kinda lounged around Hudson's Mimi was coming to get him for a few hours to take him to the Children's museum so Zach and I decided to go on a day date and we had a great time. We ending going to see No Strings Attached and to dinner it was so funny Zach and I hadn't been to a movie in so long and I know why Zach cant sit steal to save his life he used to not be like this but it was too funny. He would look at me and say I'm board but he enjoyed the movie but we will probley never be going back so ill have to take Sam. He said it was different watching them at home because it was in the comfort of his own home. Ha ha too funny. Then enjoyed dinner and went to pick up our little man he had a fun day. Here's a picture of him before his Mimi came and picked him up.

I phone pic sorry

Then Sunday was a rest day we were going to go to the Zoo but It looked like rain so we just decided to stay at home So we did alittle lounging around and some playing outside and then finished up with some finger paint.

Hudson stole Auntie Sam's sub it was so funny


My Hands

Loves to Swing

We had a wonderful weekend and I hope y'all did as well.

My 23 Weeks Post is in another Post

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Trip to the Childrens Museum(Picture Overload)

Yesterday we took a trip to The Children's Museum with one of my friends and her little boy. They had a blast here are some pictures.

Future Pilot

Do we have to go

Molly and Lee

Loves the shopping cart

So Sweet

Num Num

I got the Orange Juice Mom

What else do we need

Love this Picture

Sweet Baby Growing Up So Fast

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.
Zach and I our going on a day date tomorrow, much needed.

Post to Follow this one my 22 weeks Post

22 Weeks and 4 Days

                                                      Baby Boy # 2

How Far Along:

22Weeks and 4 Days

Size of baby: Lil Squirt is the size of a Papaya Yummy
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Ive gained 8 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yes have been for a while

Gender: Its a Boy!! Zach's picking the name this time

Movement:Lots of movement All.The.Time
Sleep: Great and Lots more needed

What I miss: Not a thing I Love being Pregnant

Cravings: The 4 S's Spicy,Sweet,Salty,and Sour

Symptoms: Heart Burn and Pelvic pressure
Best Moment this week: Zach feeling the baby move and Hudson kissing my belly

I was supposed to go to the Dr today but had to cancel because he was out of town so I'm going back Next Friday.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Breast Pump Questions

Before I do my 22 weeks post I have a question. This will probably be my last pregnancy for a few years as long as this pregnancy goes well. We have had a little trouble with my Planctia but hopeful by next ultrasound it has corrected itself. So on that note I loved breastfeeding Hudson but could only do it for 9 weeks because my milk had dried up and I didn't know it. Turns out I was pregnant with twins and they were literally sucking the life out of me and dried up all of Hudson's milk. I was thinking it was just my pump that I was using wasn't the best but it did the job. I had the Evenflo automatic pump it was so so. I'm really thinking about getting the Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-The-Go Tote Breastpump.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-The-Go Tote Breastpump - Medela  - Babies"R"UsI plan on breast feeding for a while with baby boy and I don't mind splurging on a good pump I just want to know if there are any mommies that have used this or a pump they like I just want something that will get lots and lots of milk out of the girls and not leave any behind from when baby boy gets done. I'm just really confused on weather to get this one or not. Help a mother out!~!!! Thanks Ladies
Had to show y'all this Hudson loves him some corn on the cob too funny

Getting work done around the office
And just for fun this was taken back in July we thought the kid had a head of hair then
                                      My how time flies

Have a great Monday

Thursday, January 20, 2011

21 Weeks and Belly Picture

So I finally am doing the survey and posting a picture. I'm loving every minute of being pregnant. I love feeling him move everyday and I love it when Hudson kisses my belly and points to it and says Baby. So here it is...

                                                                 Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:  21 Weeks & 3 Days

Size of baby: Lil Squirt is the size of a carrot

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Ive gained 8 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yes have been for a while

Gender: Its a Boy!! Zach's picking the name this time

Movement:Yes please keep on kicking little squirt Love.It

Sleep:  Great and Lots more needed 

What I miss: Not a thing I Love being Pregnant

Cravings:  The 4 S's Spicy,Sweet,Salty,and Sour

Symptoms: A few headaches here and there, major heartburn, and extreme tiredness, few Braxton Hicks

Best Moment this week:  Picking out the bedding and feeling the baby move all day 

I'm so thankful that the Lord had blessed us with another pregnancy after the tragedy we had been threw I'm very blessed.

Now my sweet little Hudson he is getting so big I dont know what to do hes at this stage right now where hes talking up a storm and running around and growing so fast I cant wait till he meets his little brother.

Heres an I phone picture of him (blurry)

Telling everyone the great news

I hope everyone has a great night..

Monday, January 17, 2011

20 Weeks and More

I was a total mess this past week. I reached the halfway point in my pregnancy. I had the twins when I was 20 1/2 weeks. So yes I was on pins and needles the whole week. I trusted that it was all in Gods hands and that he would stand by us. We had No Problems so we were Thankful and I fill so blessed to be carrying a healthy little baby boy in my belly again.Thursday January 13 was Zach's Birthday we had such a great time but I didn't get any pictures. His dad stayed home with Hudson so we could go to dinner. I took him to Bonefish let me just say this baby does not like Bonefish everything I had was just really bad tasting thanks baby boy. We had a blast we got home and he opened presents from Hudson and I. The weekend was pretty low key just going out to dinner and resting and watching TV. Sunday we got up and went to Crackle Barrel for Breakfast it was Yummy then we went house hunting we are still looking for a house we found a few but who knows. We got home and my MIL, Hudson and I went shopping it was really fun. We went to Ann Taylor and she got me some shirts which was really nice I got them a size bigger so I could wear them as maternity shirts which worked perfect. Hudson is the best little boy but unless he doesn't get a nap and yesterday he didn't so we were checking out at Ann Taylor and I proceeded to put him in his stroller but he wasn't having it. He arched his back and kicked his feet and screamed He had never done this before and I was embarrassed I know I shouldn't because I'm sure this happens alot but still. Then Mimi gets him out to hold him and he picks up a necklace and chunks it across the store so she payed and I took him outside with a quickness. You just have to look back and laugh sometimes.

Baby Contest
Everyone who knows me knows how much I love The Happy Heart it my favorite children's boutique in Arlington they were having a baby contest this past week on Face book and the baby with the most likes wins a 50$ gift card. So we entered Hudson and he won it was a fun competition to do he had to be in an outfit from The Happy Heart and Hudson ended up winning with 99 likes. This is the picture we put in the contest I love it.

Hudson is getting so big so fast and is learning so much I cant wait to see him enter act with his new baby brother. I hope y'all have a wonderful Day.

Another Post to follow By the way Im 21 weeks today and I promise I will do a belly picture and update tommorrow

Snow Day

I know I'm about a week to late but I figure better late than never I'm going to be doing a few updates after this post as well catching us back up. So on Sunday Jan 9 Memphis had a little snow storm that's what we will call it. Zach made chili we had some family over including Auntie Sam. We went to the store to get some milk cause Hudson was out after getting everything we forgot the milk so Sam and I drifted back out to Kroger to get some milk. Hudson couldn't wait to get out in the snow so what did we do we got dressed and all went out and played in the snow we had a blast it continued to snow in till Monday over all in all we got about a good 4 inches of Snow it was great. Here are some pictures of all of us playing in the snow.

                                   Hudson trying to get up
                                      Zach and I
                                         My Dad pushing Hudson in his car(loving it)

Then Monday it was more fun we had snowball fights,snow angles, and sledding

                                   Hudson clapping
                                       Throwing his first snowball at Mommy
                                       My Snow  Angel
                                     Happy Hudson
                                  Auntie Sam helping him up

We had a blast and cant wait for more snow days ahead