Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Fun

Some how I have messed up some of my pictures the way I had it laid out didn't really work and I'm not to sure why. So just bare with this messy post. Sorry

Let me just start off by saying we had the best weekend it was so nice and warm. I felt good to have the highs be in the 60's all weekend.

It all got started off Friday. San and I went and grabbed some lunch then took Hudson to the park. We had such a great time Hudson loves going down the slide and just running around. Here are some pictures I took.

Playing Music                                              Silly Boy
In the tire swing with Auntie Sam                  Looking threw the fence
 Playing in the mulch(boys will be boys);)      Funny Face
Sam had fun too jumping out of the swing    Coming in for a landing
 Let me just tell you its so hard trying to capture a moment of Hudson he is literally every where these days I have so many pictures of his backside and the back of his head its not even funny.

Then we came home and enjoyed a nice dinner.

Saturday we just kinda lounged around Hudson's Mimi was coming to get him for a few hours to take him to the Children's museum so Zach and I decided to go on a day date and we had a great time. We ending going to see No Strings Attached and to dinner it was so funny Zach and I hadn't been to a movie in so long and I know why Zach cant sit steal to save his life he used to not be like this but it was too funny. He would look at me and say I'm board but he enjoyed the movie but we will probley never be going back so ill have to take Sam. He said it was different watching them at home because it was in the comfort of his own home. Ha ha too funny. Then enjoyed dinner and went to pick up our little man he had a fun day. Here's a picture of him before his Mimi came and picked him up.

I phone pic sorry

Then Sunday was a rest day we were going to go to the Zoo but It looked like rain so we just decided to stay at home So we did alittle lounging around and some playing outside and then finished up with some finger paint.

Hudson stole Auntie Sam's sub it was so funny


My Hands

Loves to Swing

We had a wonderful weekend and I hope y'all did as well.

My 23 Weeks Post is in another Post

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