Monday, January 24, 2011

Breast Pump Questions

Before I do my 22 weeks post I have a question. This will probably be my last pregnancy for a few years as long as this pregnancy goes well. We have had a little trouble with my Planctia but hopeful by next ultrasound it has corrected itself. So on that note I loved breastfeeding Hudson but could only do it for 9 weeks because my milk had dried up and I didn't know it. Turns out I was pregnant with twins and they were literally sucking the life out of me and dried up all of Hudson's milk. I was thinking it was just my pump that I was using wasn't the best but it did the job. I had the Evenflo automatic pump it was so so. I'm really thinking about getting the Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-The-Go Tote Breastpump.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-The-Go Tote Breastpump - Medela  - Babies"R"UsI plan on breast feeding for a while with baby boy and I don't mind splurging on a good pump I just want to know if there are any mommies that have used this or a pump they like I just want something that will get lots and lots of milk out of the girls and not leave any behind from when baby boy gets done. I'm just really confused on weather to get this one or not. Help a mother out!~!!! Thanks Ladies
Had to show y'all this Hudson loves him some corn on the cob too funny

Getting work done around the office
And just for fun this was taken back in July we thought the kid had a head of hair then
                                      My how time flies

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  1. those are the best pumps I have found on the market and loved using mine (I borrowed from a friend). It worked super great. This time around though I don't have access to it. :( And bought the Swing (medela) it is ok and I only got it b/c I am a SAHM and would only need the occasional pump job, or so I thought. My son was born last week at 36 weeks and I have to pump all the time, to keep my supply up as he is unable to fully do it by himself, plus he needs bottles to save on calories...anyways, I am so ticked I didn't go with the fancy one now. I would definitely splurge you just never know how you may end up needing it. Plus how many cans of formula do you get for$300---not many. ;)

  2. I used that one with my first. He was born at 34 weeks and I pumped ALL.THE.TIME because he stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks after I left. I really liked it. It is easy to use and had different "intensities" that I could use depending on how much was coming out. I plan to use it with the next one as well! Good Luck!

  3. As a momma who exclusively pumps, I couldn't say enough good things about Medela. I have the Medela Swing & it has gotten me through almost 5 straight months of pumping!

  4. Perfect ladies Thanks so much that is going to be my next big buy for the baby.

  5. I love the Pump in Style. I have that one along with a cheapo evenflo one and also a medela swing(don't ask why I have so many.....)....I actually really like the Swing because it is easy to do real quick and I don't have to worry about changing into a hands free bra like I do for the pump in style. I pumped exclusively for 3 weeks(daughter was born early) and it was a lifesaver!!! Now that I don't have to pump but every blue moon I use the swing.