Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Blueberries Why

So this pregnancy I'm addicted to fruit and breakfast food. O how I love my waffles,pancakes,sausage (yummy),bacon and biscuits. I crave fruit and breakfast all day everyday. Well the other day we were shopping at SAM'S and I got some blueberries they were so good so Thursday I brought a cup of blueberries to work with me later that night I saw some red dots on my face I was thinking lord what have the girls done to my face now, didn't think anything else about it. Well the next day I ate some more well my stomach started to cramp up and get real tight I was thinking wow morning sickness has hit me a little earlier today. Nope boy was I wrong after I got done pucking in the bathroom my face was blood red which is normal after you get sick. Hours later my eyes were swelling up and I had hives all over my face yup I was having an allergic reactions. So needless to say I have never had a problem with Blueberries I do now. Which totally SUCKS.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hudsons 6 Month check up and more

I'm a little late on this one Hudson was 6Months old on Feb 14. We went to the doctor and Hudson got his last round of shots he did great he just let out a little cry after he got poked then that was it. We also asked the doctor about the flu shot and swine flu shot and he highly suggested it so we went with it. We have a really awesome doctor so we trust him completely. Hudson's stats were Height 26in, Weight 16lbs, Then it was off for a day of shopping with Z and Hudson. Cause you know that we had just gotten the news of us having two girls. The gap had an awesome sale where everything was 40% off I was thinking Jackpot Z was with me and we got Hudson a ton of clothes cause he grew out of the 3 to 6 months so it was time for new clothes. Then we got some girl clothes Z said omg I'm just looking at all these little girl clothes that are going to break us HE HE then he said do they really have to match, why are we getting so many of the same clothes. Really Zach just let me have my fun with this and quit asking so many damn questions. This is why the men do not need to go shopping with the ladies :) We then walked and walked and walked bad move I already fill like I'm at the point of my pregnancy where i was with Hudson was about to be born I look and fill like I'm 30 weeks pregnant then I get the questions and the looks. First the questions are wow when are you due I say in July probably June sometime then they go wow your never going to make it your really big DUH lady I'm having twins. Then we get the looks of Oh my god your pregnant and have a small baby. Thanks again lady nothing brightens my day like a doss of dumb questions from mean old lady's sorry :) Then we went to eat let me mention Ive been really sick this whole pregnancy and it has not let up any so as we got to chilli's I tell Z to pull over cause I'm going to be sick I start throwing up in the parking lot for a good 15 min once again I draw all this attention to myself. Then we go in and eat. I then realized that I had done to much as the Braxton hicks started to creep up. We went home and rested it was a fun day. Sorry so long but it was an exciting day HA.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Its A, Its A, Two Girls (Team Pink)

Ashley and Me (My Lovely Hostess)
Hudson and his girlfriend Kinsley

Zach and I thinking O MY GOD what are we going to do

Us Cutting into the cakes

Us getting ready to cut the cake

Boy O Boy what a day. I woke up this morning to breakfast, 2 dozen roses one from Z and the other from Hudson, then I got a Jewelry Box Loaded up with my Pandora Charms Let me tell you I'm obsessed with this Jewerly. Then it was off to get ready for our party. We got there and was graced with all our family and friends It was really good. We ate and then cut the cakes. They were so cute one cake said Twin A and the other cake said Twin B then we all went around
and guessed what they were. What a fun day. Then we cut the cake and Twin A was pink inside yay we got our girl. Then we cute Twin B thinking it was going to be blue inside nope it was pink then we thought O god were in for some trouble he he we couldn't be happier. Hudson is going to be an awesome Big Brother and is going to love all his little sisters friends when he gets older. Having the girls the same gender means a big chance that they could be identical especially since they don't see two placentas, we will find out when there born when we send off blood work. I'm really glad there both girls so Hudson will be our special little boy... Happy V day were going to dinner.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Babies are Great Everything is Great

Hudson thinking I've got this I'm the Big Brother
This is Twin B the calm one

This is Twin B saying I'm not going to move for you

Twin A can u tell which one loves taking good pictures

Twin A the wild one

All I have to say is wow I got to have an ultra sound for an hour and a half it was awesome we have the best lady who does are US and they all love us there Because we have been going there for two years total... The twins are awesome they are both 7oz and heartbeats at 154 and 155 which my doctor said is great everything is on track for both babies no problems We have to go back in a month to get another ultra sound cause baby b was not doing anything but laying there and she couldn't take all the pictures that she needed. They cant tell if there is on placenta or two so I might have to get a 3d scan to tell In the coming weeks. Ashley found out what the babies were I will go with my instincts and say we might have a girl on the way just cause I'm 17 weeks and still sick as a dog. I was never sick with Hudson. We will really find out Sunday what a great V day present for Zach and I. I'm just in total aha. I cant believe that they have grown so much It was funny Baby A is the most active every time she would try to get pictures of Baby B, Here comes Baby A taking the spot light kicking all in her picture moving around and doing flips we can tell which one is the wild child in the womb. I'm just speechless. And very Blessed!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Day Approaching

Well tomorrow we will have our BIG ULTRASOUND I cant wait to see how much the twins have been growing. I'm hoping that there still on schedule and baking just the way they should. We will know Sunday what the sex on both babies will be I really want to find out tomorrow but we told Ashley that she could have her fun way of telling us herself. Shes just as excited that were having twins as we are. But I told Zach that I don't know if I could wait that long. We are hoping for at least one baby girl and one baby boy. As long as there healthy and stay in my belly as long as possible we will be fine with whatever we get.. Ill post pictures of the twins Ultra Sound tomorrow.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hudsons First Snow Day

Zach and Hudson Playing with snow

Me Zach and Hudson (not my best picture just woke up)

Bella loving on Hudson
Hudson and his snowman

It all started when we woke up at 4 am Zach and I not Hudson some how were getting lucky and putting him to bed around 9 and hes sleeping till 9 were happy for that. Anyways we woke up and the snow was coming down hard. Once again the weather men didnt expect this so it was a big suprise I was so excited that Hudson was going to get to play in the snow. he woke up and we all went out side. Hudson had 3 layers of clothes on plus his bear suit sso he thinks he cant move in it so its pretty funny. We made a snow man after daddy fell/slid down the hill in the backyard(nobody was hurt) I was laughing and then i slid down the hill I know thats what I get. Hudson made a snow angel bella thought she would give him a kiss. We took some pictures and then we went in and ate lunch. Here are some of the pictures (before you shame me this kid hates gloves and threw a fit we were only out for 5 mins tops) :) Enjoy

Saturday, February 6, 2010

All I have to say is WOW

Just let me tell you I was about to rock Hudson to sleep and some where between his big belly hitting Mommy's big belly things just went wrong from there. First I hear a little burp lets just say it was a warning burp I was talking to my dad and then all of a sudden I felt something warm all down my shirt, bra, boobs, and pants. Oh yeah as I was telling someone to grab him before it went everywhere else my dad starts laughing and says let me take a picture of that. I'm glad someone got a kick out of it. This picture does it no justice. Got to love sweet little babies thats whats so great about being a mom....

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Revealment Party For The Twins :)

This is the invites that Ashley had made for Zach and I. Let me just tell you there so cute I know its a little blurry but I'll write down the little saying is so cute and we are thrilled to see how the twins are developing in the Ultra Sound Wend.

The Invites say Zach and Kristin are expecting two bundles of joy,
Come and find out if there girls or boys.
We'll reveal the surprise as we cut the cake,
We can hardley wait for goodness sake!

On another note does anybody know where I can get some heavy duty Big Bibs. The small ones are not cutting it these days. Everyone have a great Friday and Lets Go Saints!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trip to ER, Computer Breaking what more could you ask for

Lets see Z tells me that the picture on the lap top has gone out. I'm thinking great how hard is it going to be to blog and read from my IPhone. So that's a no go for a few days.

Then the fun begins I wake up Saturday morning with bad pelvic pressure I'm thinking great something is really wrong I can barley move with out hurting and when I try to talk the pain takes my breath away, So a I call my Dr Emergency Line and finally get a nurse who knows what shes talking about a little to much that she started to freak me out. She tells me to get to the ER ASAP and go to L&D to see if I'm dialated any she was scared that because I'm such high risk pregnancy that my body was not able to hold my babies then I start going into freak out mode. Z tells me to go get ready and lets go and tells me it will be alright. So we get in the car and I know from experience that the fools at the ER aren't going to let me go to L&D because I'm not 20 weeks so after fighting with them and getting more upset they put me in a room and I luckily got a great er Dr. I told him what was going on they gave me some med for pain, checked me, and gave me an ultra sound 8 hours later. Turns out we had a pretty good amount of ice the night before and had to call the ultra sound tech in whoops was she mad but I had to make sure my babies were in good shape. Turns out I'm not dialated and the pressure on my lower body was a UTI gone bad I didn't know about for a few weeks and had a very serious bladder infection which by the way SUCKS and HURTS very bad. So 2 gallons of cranberry juice and medicine you would think I would feel so much better Nope wrong -o I fill worse it hurts to go to the bathroom and when I do go its not much of anything. Boooo So in the morning I'm going to call my Dr and see if he can see me Friday to see whats going on...

On a better note I love love love my new job its going great. And I got my V day present early tonight when Z got me a new laptop I'm so excited... Hes the best

And at almost 1:00 am my sweet little Hudson is not going to sleep So I'm getting off to get him down again... Any sugg about my bladder infection please share.. Thanks have a great morning T-Minus 6 days till the big ULTRA SOUND