Friday, February 5, 2010

The Revealment Party For The Twins :)

This is the invites that Ashley had made for Zach and I. Let me just tell you there so cute I know its a little blurry but I'll write down the little saying is so cute and we are thrilled to see how the twins are developing in the Ultra Sound Wend.

The Invites say Zach and Kristin are expecting two bundles of joy,
Come and find out if there girls or boys.
We'll reveal the surprise as we cut the cake,
We can hardley wait for goodness sake!

On another note does anybody know where I can get some heavy duty Big Bibs. The small ones are not cutting it these days. Everyone have a great Friday and Lets Go Saints!!!!!


  1. Hi Kristin, to respond to your question:
    it's pretty easy to get giftcards. Once you get enough swagbucks, there is a store where you can cash out prizes and then the gift card code is posted onto your account. But having referrals REALLY helps. I found out about swagbucks through another blog I read. Congrats on the twins!

  2. check etsy for the bibs! Cute invite.

  3. We actually just ordered the newborn cloth diaper rental package today. I had always planned on using disposables for the first week or so until we got settled, but now I feel acclimated enough to start with the cloth. I promise to do a big post on them once we get a week or so done with!

    I love the reveal party invites! So cute!