Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hudsons 6 Month check up and more

I'm a little late on this one Hudson was 6Months old on Feb 14. We went to the doctor and Hudson got his last round of shots he did great he just let out a little cry after he got poked then that was it. We also asked the doctor about the flu shot and swine flu shot and he highly suggested it so we went with it. We have a really awesome doctor so we trust him completely. Hudson's stats were Height 26in, Weight 16lbs, Then it was off for a day of shopping with Z and Hudson. Cause you know that we had just gotten the news of us having two girls. The gap had an awesome sale where everything was 40% off I was thinking Jackpot Z was with me and we got Hudson a ton of clothes cause he grew out of the 3 to 6 months so it was time for new clothes. Then we got some girl clothes Z said omg I'm just looking at all these little girl clothes that are going to break us HE HE then he said do they really have to match, why are we getting so many of the same clothes. Really Zach just let me have my fun with this and quit asking so many damn questions. This is why the men do not need to go shopping with the ladies :) We then walked and walked and walked bad move I already fill like I'm at the point of my pregnancy where i was with Hudson was about to be born I look and fill like I'm 30 weeks pregnant then I get the questions and the looks. First the questions are wow when are you due I say in July probably June sometime then they go wow your never going to make it your really big DUH lady I'm having twins. Then we get the looks of Oh my god your pregnant and have a small baby. Thanks again lady nothing brightens my day like a doss of dumb questions from mean old lady's sorry :) Then we went to eat let me mention Ive been really sick this whole pregnancy and it has not let up any so as we got to chilli's I tell Z to pull over cause I'm going to be sick I start throwing up in the parking lot for a good 15 min once again I draw all this attention to myself. Then we go in and eat. I then realized that I had done to much as the Braxton hicks started to creep up. We went home and rested it was a fun day. Sorry so long but it was an exciting day HA.

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  1. Aw, I bet that was so fun picking out matching clothes!!! :)