Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trip to ER, Computer Breaking what more could you ask for

Lets see Z tells me that the picture on the lap top has gone out. I'm thinking great how hard is it going to be to blog and read from my IPhone. So that's a no go for a few days.

Then the fun begins I wake up Saturday morning with bad pelvic pressure I'm thinking great something is really wrong I can barley move with out hurting and when I try to talk the pain takes my breath away, So a I call my Dr Emergency Line and finally get a nurse who knows what shes talking about a little to much that she started to freak me out. She tells me to get to the ER ASAP and go to L&D to see if I'm dialated any she was scared that because I'm such high risk pregnancy that my body was not able to hold my babies then I start going into freak out mode. Z tells me to go get ready and lets go and tells me it will be alright. So we get in the car and I know from experience that the fools at the ER aren't going to let me go to L&D because I'm not 20 weeks so after fighting with them and getting more upset they put me in a room and I luckily got a great er Dr. I told him what was going on they gave me some med for pain, checked me, and gave me an ultra sound 8 hours later. Turns out we had a pretty good amount of ice the night before and had to call the ultra sound tech in whoops was she mad but I had to make sure my babies were in good shape. Turns out I'm not dialated and the pressure on my lower body was a UTI gone bad I didn't know about for a few weeks and had a very serious bladder infection which by the way SUCKS and HURTS very bad. So 2 gallons of cranberry juice and medicine you would think I would feel so much better Nope wrong -o I fill worse it hurts to go to the bathroom and when I do go its not much of anything. Boooo So in the morning I'm going to call my Dr and see if he can see me Friday to see whats going on...

On a better note I love love love my new job its going great. And I got my V day present early tonight when Z got me a new laptop I'm so excited... Hes the best

And at almost 1:00 am my sweet little Hudson is not going to sleep So I'm getting off to get him down again... Any sugg about my bladder infection please share.. Thanks have a great morning T-Minus 6 days till the big ULTRA SOUND

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  1. Hey Kristin -- congrats on your twin pregnancy!!

    There are ABSOLUTELY things I couldn't have done without, but you probably already know about most of 'em because you're an experienced mommy! But, with twins: 1. coffee (not kidding!) 2. Dr. Brown's pitcher mixer. I always forget to tell people about this and wanted to be sure to mention it b/c it's save me tons of time making bottles!! I can make a huge pitcher and mix it sooo easily. I am still using it. Also, I only had like 8 bottles to start out with and it wasn't even close to enough. Before we started solids, we were circulating 14 Dr. Browns bottles. 3. Homemedics sound & spa lullabye 4. you can't have enough bibs & burp cloths. I had to go out & buy extra because I didn't register for enough. 5.definitely get 2 boppies & if possible, 2 pack n plays if you have more than one floor. I had to separate the boys into different rooms while we're working on CIO and that second pnp has come in SO handy!! I know that other MoMs may not agree, but we need 2 jumperoos. They are a necessity around here! 6. you're going to need a huge diaper bag, lol! I only have 2 kids and feel like my bag isn't big enough sometimes! I have a JJ Cole and it's the only one I own. It suits me fine because I don't want to carry around a duffle bag, lol! 7. You will probably need a triple stroller, so you may want to check out Craigslist or a consignment shop? If I think of more, I'll stop by, but congrats to you again. What a great blessing. You'll definitely be busy, but when you have kids, who isn't, right?! I always hated when people told me when I was pg, "you're going to have your hands full." Really?!?! I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!

    Anyway, I'm following you now so I can keep up with you through out your pregnancy and sweet little Hudson -- what a cutie!!!

    best of luck!