Monday, June 28, 2010

All Set For Tonight

Lets See The Check List

1} Movie Tickets (CHECK)

2} Pills (CHECK, CHECK)

3) Ready To Wait In A Long Line With Little Teeny Boppers (This is not OK)

So Ladies what am I talking about, Im Talking about our 12:01 Showing Of Eclipse (Cheers in the Background)

Im So Excited to see this movie..............

So now for the PILLS Explanation I will be taking one of my happy and calming pills this is because When I go see a movie any movie that is I dont like to hear people cheer or go crazy when some one hot comes on the screen or act like a complete fool.... Yes I understand I put my self in this position by pre ordering my tickets 3 weeks ago thats why Im taking my pills ;) So everyone can enjoy the movie.

I hope yall have a great day. I know I will Woot Woot

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Vent Post and Why

Im floored I don't know how to say this and Im sure Zach is tired of hearing it to so I'm going to do a little bit of venting, bitching, and whining so you all  have been for warned. It started about a month ago as many of you know from my previous post that my MIL boyfriend has passed away after hanging on for almost 5 weeks now from a motorcycle wreck. Im done asking why questions to Zach as he has to say is dont listen to her (his mom) as she is not thinking straight thats fine but it still pisses me off. Ive been really sad this week for Mallory and Marys death has once again hit me hard. It all started a few weeks ago when Debbie was telling me when she was talking to Ron she told him that when he got to Heaven you go find my baby girls and tell them that there Mimi misses them WTF really lady you didn't even mention to him that there big brother Hudson and there Mommy and Daddy miss them so much that I can barley make it threw the day without them in my arms. Why would you even tell me that I mean it was even a low for her and she might not have been thinking but it really hurt me I know she was the grandma but those were are babies our baby girls not hers. Im sorry if Im being selfish but thats how I fill and I guess his death has really brought up more fillings about the girls. Last night Zach went up to the hospital and as the nurses told them that Ron wasn't going to be here much longer I told Zach to whisper in his ear and tell him that I said You go find our baby girls and tell them that there mommy misses them so much and would give anything for them to be back in my belly. Then again after he had passed away all she keep saying was I just keep telling him to go find the girls and tell them I miss them. My God Please Stop. It hurts me so bad and Im sorry if once again Im being selfish but Im still grieving for our girls and as soon as I think its getting  alittle better it hits me even harder. but i fill really bad about bitching in this post because she did just lose her boyfriend of a year but they were are girls if you were going to include anyone at all include all of us I know this might be petty but thats how I fill.

Ron you are going to be missed, earth is going to be a little sadder but heaven will be a little brighter. You were a great Grampy Ron we love you......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prayers please

Please pray for our family as my MILs boyfriend passed away today at 2:22pm our family has been threw too much since the first of the year.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hudson's Pictures at Arlington Park

Saturday Sam, Hudson, and I went to take some pictures of Hudson for his Birthday Party Invitations I didn't think we would get some great shots because it was so early when he got up at like 8 he usually sleeps till 10:00 but we did here are a few of my favs. The first picture is going to be the one on the invites..

                                          I love love love his hair the little curl

 Have A Great Tuesday

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zachs Fathers Day Gifts

I finally got Zachs Fathers Day Presents done I picked up the last of it today. We went to Paint a Piece and made Zach a platter for BBQ.                                  
Then I got him a Daddy and me book that has activities to do and a shirt that says I love Daddy and a picture frame that says My Dad My Hero. Then I went to Shutterfly and we made him a photo book its so cute.
                                         Here is all the presents together

                                     Hudson is so lucky to have a great father like Zach. He really is an awesome Daddy.

I hope everyone has a Great Weekend and A Happy Fathers Day

Baby Things I'm Addicted To

This is a few of the Top Baby Things Im Addicted To [me meaning addicted to means I have to buy these things every time I go out so that means Mr Hudson has tons of stuff on my list]

NuMbEr 1   Johnson & Johnson
this meaning I have about 30 bottles of bath stuff and lotions that I will probly never use But my favorite right now is the new Apple and Honey Body Wash OMG you have to try it if you haven't already I wish they would come out with a lotion.................

NuMbEr 2 Pacifiers
once again I cant get enough of I always have to get the latest one on the market

The one below is really cool its has rubber on the end great for the teething baby

NuMbEr 3 Sippy Cups

We just started Hudson on a sippy cup and Im also addicted to them as well they just make so many its hard to chose from

And Last But Not Least
 NuMbEr 4  Wipes

Once again I have wipes, wipes, and more wipes. They have so many I really like the travel wipes
And the stripped ones from Huggies are so cute

I hope every one has a great weekend and Ill post tomorrow night about what Hudson and I got Zach for Fathers Day when I pick up his last present thats getting made....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I Want

Im want this so bad I can Taste it and I might just go buy it when we move. Drum Roll Please

How awesome is this its the  Samsung Four Door Refrigerator The more I see it on TV the more I Want.

Have a great day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Fun Has Began

Oh yes I'm in full planning, shopping mode for my Hudson's 1st Birthday. Tonight Auntie Sam and I went shopping for toys, toys and more toys. We got so much stuff its not even funny. I think Zach and I are going to get him a little mini 4 wheeler its so cute, and a fisher price plastic gym set with a slide, and last but not least a little Radio Flyer Wagon. I know y'all might be thinking hum why a mini 4 wheeler because daddy is a fanatic when it comes to ATVs. Hudson already has a mini gas power 4 wheeler and dirt bike for when he gets alittle older. This is so exciting and fun to but sad at the same time cause my baby is growing up. Now I leave you with a cute picture of Hudson and some more party stuff. O I also have a blog question how do I upload videos.

Daddy has him working already

I love his face in this picture

Now party stuff

The more stuff I look at the more I fall in LoVe with this ThEmE and OMG I'm in love with ETSY

Monday, June 14, 2010

My O My

Today is June 14. This means Hudson is 10 months today, which means in two months my little bitty baby will be turning 1 I'm alittle sad ...sigh.... but happy to my baby is growing up So You Know What This Means Its PARTY PLANNING TIME -------Woot------ The theme is going to be Sail Boats and Anchors. I was looking on ETSY and found some cute invites. Im in full on party planning mode now.

                                                            Here is the invites Im thinking about

I just fell in love with the invites when I saw them and I love the colors.

Now in Hudson news he is getting his first tooth it on the bottom right and its just about to poke through. We figured he was teething because he has been a fussy mess, but for good reasons now. On other news he will have nothing to do with crawling he prefers to stand on his own for a few seconds and pull up on the tables/toys. He is just not interested in crawling but he gets to where he needs to be if he wants to you put him in the crawling position and he just sits up. O and I have to take his mobile down because he pulls up on the crib and plays with his mobile. Its Cute. Now a look back on Hudson from 1 month to 10 months. Its amazing how much a baby can change. I hope yall have a great Tuesday.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Hello Out There

Yes its me MIA sorry things have been CrAzY around here Im still here and Im going to update my blog soon like maybe tomorrow. A quick update on Ron things are not looking good he had gotten a little better Sunday will be a month but his blood pressure has been dropping and has not been stable for the past few days. His heart stopped beating on yesterday and they had to revive him the Drs. say that if he makes it threw the weekend they will try to do another surgery on him monday. I will keep yall updated have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Hudson Said

 The other night I was on the floor playing with Hudson my Dad was beside me and Zach was on the couch. Hudson was laughing and then he looked at me and said Mommy, then looked at my Dad and said Bob, then looked at Zach and said Dada let me tell you it was the funniest thing and he said it plan as day. This is such an exciting age he is at right now. Who would of thought what a babies mind could change that much with in a few months. I'm just enjoying it so much as I'm writing this he is screaming in his walker for his daddy who is eating ice cream Nice. I hope y'all have a great day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A few Blog Questions

How do you get your blog name on the pictures you post and also how do you change the header to put a few pictures in it if any one know please leave me directions....Thanks O and I also cant leave a comment any more on the other blogs HELP.