Monday, June 28, 2010

All Set For Tonight

Lets See The Check List

1} Movie Tickets (CHECK)

2} Pills (CHECK, CHECK)

3) Ready To Wait In A Long Line With Little Teeny Boppers (This is not OK)

So Ladies what am I talking about, Im Talking about our 12:01 Showing Of Eclipse (Cheers in the Background)

Im So Excited to see this movie..............

So now for the PILLS Explanation I will be taking one of my happy and calming pills this is because When I go see a movie any movie that is I dont like to hear people cheer or go crazy when some one hot comes on the screen or act like a complete fool.... Yes I understand I put my self in this position by pre ordering my tickets 3 weeks ago thats why Im taking my pills ;) So everyone can enjoy the movie.

I hope yall have a great day. I know I will Woot Woot


  1. I am going tonight too! I think I may need some pills to over come the teeny boppers too. HA! Have fun! I just hope I stay awake!!