Monday, June 14, 2010

My O My

Today is June 14. This means Hudson is 10 months today, which means in two months my little bitty baby will be turning 1 I'm alittle sad ...sigh.... but happy to my baby is growing up So You Know What This Means Its PARTY PLANNING TIME -------Woot------ The theme is going to be Sail Boats and Anchors. I was looking on ETSY and found some cute invites. Im in full on party planning mode now.

                                                            Here is the invites Im thinking about

I just fell in love with the invites when I saw them and I love the colors.

Now in Hudson news he is getting his first tooth it on the bottom right and its just about to poke through. We figured he was teething because he has been a fussy mess, but for good reasons now. On other news he will have nothing to do with crawling he prefers to stand on his own for a few seconds and pull up on the tables/toys. He is just not interested in crawling but he gets to where he needs to be if he wants to you put him in the crawling position and he just sits up. O and I have to take his mobile down because he pulls up on the crib and plays with his mobile. Its Cute. Now a look back on Hudson from 1 month to 10 months. Its amazing how much a baby can change. I hope yall have a great Tuesday.



  1. So precious. How does this happen so fast?!?

  2. I love those invitations. So cute!

  3. I LOOOOVE those invites! What a cutie!