Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Things I'm Addicted To

This is a few of the Top Baby Things Im Addicted To [me meaning addicted to means I have to buy these things every time I go out so that means Mr Hudson has tons of stuff on my list]

NuMbEr 1   Johnson & Johnson
this meaning I have about 30 bottles of bath stuff and lotions that I will probly never use But my favorite right now is the new Apple and Honey Body Wash OMG you have to try it if you haven't already I wish they would come out with a lotion.................

NuMbEr 2 Pacifiers
once again I cant get enough of I always have to get the latest one on the market

The one below is really cool its has rubber on the end great for the teething baby

NuMbEr 3 Sippy Cups

We just started Hudson on a sippy cup and Im also addicted to them as well they just make so many its hard to chose from

And Last But Not Least
 NuMbEr 4  Wipes

Once again I have wipes, wipes, and more wipes. They have so many I really like the travel wipes
And the stripped ones from Huggies are so cute

I hope every one has a great weekend and Ill post tomorrow night about what Hudson and I got Zach for Fathers Day when I pick up his last present thats getting made....


  1. I love all those things! It makes me sad that as Ben gets older they are slowly phasing out.
    One thing I will never phase out, the baby wash. I love it! My favorite is the bedtime one. It just smells so good. Have a great weekend!

  2. Ahh i LOVE the nightime baby wash too! NO ONE i repeat NO ONE does lavender like johnson & johnson!!!! :o) I still think my worst is clothes and recently cups...this kid is so freakin spoiled!lol