Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poop Here,Poop There,Poop Everywhere

Let me start off by saying Hudson had his 12 month shots today. I don't know if that had something to do with it but it was nasty it all started of in the car when he was pooping. I brought him inside to change him and he is going through a phase where he doesn't want me to change him he screams and squirms when ever I try to change him. So what did i do I said fine then you can smell like crap.. Well that came back and bit me in the ass. 5 min later I went to get him and change him again when i picked him up it was down his leg, on his cute little clothes and last but not least on the carpet. Nice....
So I laid him down as he was screaming bloody murder and took his clothes off and cleaned him off and I as well. Let me tell you that put a cherry on top of this week. But that's the perk of being a Mommy and I wouldn't change it for the world....

Whats Hudson up to at 12 Months

~Weight 23.4lbs

~Height 30.50in

~Takes 2 naps a day one in morning, one in afternoon

~To bed at 9:45 and sleeps till about 10:00

~Loves,Loves,Loves Food will eat anything solid he will eat

~Hates Green Beans

~Has 2 Bottles a day sometimes 3

~Loves whole milk

~Wears 12-15 Months regular clothes, Jon Jon's he wears 18 months

~Size 4 Diapers

~His words are still Momma,Dada,Bob,here you go,hello,bye bye,Baba,Nana,No,Yeah,ella (bella) Probably leaving some out

~Throws a fit like its nobody business kicks feet, throws his arms and head back and tries to slap you. He also I think tries to bite but we like to think he is giving us kisses. Hehe

~Has his Two front bottom teeth and about 3 or 4 trying to break threw

~Is walking when he wants to......

   It amazing what can change in just a few months. I Love Him more than life itself sometimes its complicated most of  the time its not but I cant wait to see whats going to happen in the next few months. My how they grow so fast...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Day Monday Was.....

Well let me just start off by saying Monday was crazy and aggravating. It all started over the weekend I want a new car so we went looking Sunday. Right now I have a Ford Exploder let start of by saying I.Love.This.Car but It is justtime for a new one... Granted the car has been very good to me from when I would Not   forget to change the oil a couple  few months past due to lets just say its been very good to me That is until it heard I wanted a new car he he not really funny.Sam, Hudson and I were on the interstate on our way to look at a new Bug convertible for her she looks at me and says this...
Sam:kistin its really hot why is your air blowing hot air.
Me: ....I don't know Sam.....
Me: Driving onto the interstate
Sam: OMG its really hot Kristin, Hudson playing with his feet in the back
Sam: Is your car overheating,
Me: I don't know Sam How can I tell (yes I am a Blondie)
Sam: Omg Kristin the car is overheating look at the Gage its on the red
Me: Omg what do I do as I call Zach he tells me pull over pull over you will mess up your car
Me: Zach were on the interstate
Zach: Pull over Kristin your going to mess you car up
Me: OK (pulled over)

So nice I have my Dad come get us leave my car on the interstate inMemphis are you kidding me I'm surprised it was still there when Zach came back to get it. S owe get in his car and go look at Sam's car she wants to get....

Now on to me I got approved for a new car but I want to see my Trans Am Ram Air I'm really sad because its a Bad Ass car if i don't say so myself but its not practical so its just sitting in the garage. I wanted to sale it so I would have a down payment for my car so Craig's list it is.... Now I'm just waiting to sale my car so I can get a New Car... Aha I can Taste it.... The New Car That Is.... and my exploder thought I was going to trade it in I guess and decided to pull that little stunt on me yesterday... Not OK, but it did fine this morning on the way to work.....

Monday, August 23, 2010

What Im Reading

 I'm reading three books and two are my favorite gals.

The First One Is

My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands by Chelsea Handler

I love this book I think she is so cute and so funny. This book talks about her stories of one night stands which I think is so hilarious. And if you think about it shes a really nasty girl.....

The second book is by Tori Spelling

Uncharted TerriTORI


Lat me just tell you I have read her other two books and I'm not a big fan of this one. I don't know why but I cant get into this book. I guess I'm just over it.

and last but not least and most important I needed a new Bible so I bought in the version of

Busy Mom's Bible: Daily Inspiration Even If You Only Have One Minute

I really like this because it has in the back of every section little notes and scenario's on what to do. It is also cut off into different sections of speech's

   I hope you all have a great Monday

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pictures of Hudson By Shannon Payne

Let me just tell you Shannon Payne is wonderful at taken pictures. Im really sad that she is moving away to Nashville at the end of the month but we will still travel the distance to go get our pictures taken by her. She showed me a sneak peak of Hudson's first session and I cant wait to get the proofs back its going to be a hard decision. Thanks so much Shannon for taking his pictures. I took these from her blog I just couldn't wait to share them with yall. I hope yall have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hudson 1st Birthday Pictures

Here are some of the pictures from the party it was so fun. I can't believe he is 1 where does the time go. It was alittle sad Saturday I get this email update on how you baby grows each week and it said on the your toddler this week :( it was just alittle sad.... Enjoy

The Cake

Eating food with Nana
                                        Getting Ready to Eat Cake

Over It

Happy Family

There is  so many more these we just the really fun ones. I wish I would have taken more pictures but there was a little bit of Drama with the MIL before hand but hey wouldn't be a party with out a little. Sigh Oh and on top of that my camra went dead so I have to get the pictures from my MIL.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Hudson

A year ago today at 12:44 pm Zach and I brought a sweet precious baby boy into the world. We named Hudson Kael. Today is bitter sweet he is 1. Where does the time go, they grow up so fast. Its 3am and I'm on party mode. So I decided I would write about it. Here are some pictures of when he was born and I will try to post pictures of his party in the beginning of the week.

                                    My water broke about and hour later

                                        Hudson is an hour old

                                    My sweet little baby

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for having my sweet baby who is only a few days shy of being one years old.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We almost have a Walker

Yes just a few days before his Birthday Hudson took his first few steps by himself. He does great until he figures out that you don't have a hold of him. The first time it happened Sam was holding on to him and its like he kinda ran out of her arms to me it was so funny. Then the second time was last night Sam,Zach and I were in the room and Zach was on the phone and Hudson just let go of the bed and started to take about 5 steps till he stumbled and fell but it was so cute I'm glad Zach was there to see him take his  first few steps my how time flies by and it would be really neat if he would start walking at his Birthday. When he does I know its a whole different ballgame..

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Best Day

Today was an awesome day. We got up and went to this new church. We had always seen it on the way to our house and always wondered what it would be like as we drove bye the sign said You'll Find Friends Here. Wow I thought thats nice so we will try it and we did and loved it. Hudson did great. Then we all went and ate Zach went and finished up some work he had to do then my shadow (Auntie Same) and I came home put Hudson to bed rested a bit then started on putting together the party favors for Hudson's birthday which by the way is in 6 days OMG. I hope yall had a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What My Child Has Learned

A few days ago I have noticed Hudson sticking his hand down his throat and gagging himself and then laughing it was cute at first til I realized what he was doing and on top of that he is also going around licking himself and anything that will sit still long enough to be licked its quit amusing how much he has change and how his attitude has changed in such a few weeks time. Any one else has this problem or had there child go threw the phase.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Rain On My Parade

As I'm planning Hudson 1st Birthday Party I would have thought we would have moved passed all the Drama that comes with The Morrison House Hold. Ever since Ron passed away Debbie has been unbearable yes I understand that she is sad. I think its even worse to stay in a slump about it and try to get out and see a brighter look on life her house is nasty and she just wines all the time. The thing that gets me is I'm still dealing with the girls as well so I hate being around depressed people because I'm trying to get out of that enviorment. Back to my point we meet with her last night to plan the party and she keep bring all these negative thoughts like its going to be to hot how are you going to entertain everyone and how many people are coming Well Debbie I don't know because no one has RSVP I guess people don't RSVP now who knows but were feeding everyone so I have to try to figure out a round a bout number so we will know how much stuff to get. The whole things just gets to me I'm trying to plan this and I keep getting put down on it. We have everything ready we have sent out invites got the decorations together put the party favors together and are almost done we have tons of fans for the outside plus its going to be a swim party as well. I'm just stressed with the whole thing and just want it to turn out nice. Any suggestions on how much food to plan for. Thanks