Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Rain On My Parade

As I'm planning Hudson 1st Birthday Party I would have thought we would have moved passed all the Drama that comes with The Morrison House Hold. Ever since Ron passed away Debbie has been unbearable yes I understand that she is sad. I think its even worse to stay in a slump about it and try to get out and see a brighter look on life her house is nasty and she just wines all the time. The thing that gets me is I'm still dealing with the girls as well so I hate being around depressed people because I'm trying to get out of that enviorment. Back to my point we meet with her last night to plan the party and she keep bring all these negative thoughts like its going to be to hot how are you going to entertain everyone and how many people are coming Well Debbie I don't know because no one has RSVP I guess people don't RSVP now who knows but were feeding everyone so I have to try to figure out a round a bout number so we will know how much stuff to get. The whole things just gets to me I'm trying to plan this and I keep getting put down on it. We have everything ready we have sent out invites got the decorations together put the party favors together and are almost done we have tons of fans for the outside plus its going to be a swim party as well. I'm just stressed with the whole thing and just want it to turn out nice. Any suggestions on how much food to plan for. Thanks


  1. Planning the first birthday is so stressful. You want everything to go well. Remember it is more about you and your hubs making it through the first year than your kid...they don't really get it or care. I promise no matter what happens it will all work out in the end, only you will know what didn't go right.
    About the food. I don't get why ppl don't RSVP anymore either it really is rude. My own family didn't either, guess they just assume that you know they are coming. Anyway, I would imagine you have a good feeling on who will more than likely be there and who is "ify" If you invited 25ppl I would prepare food for 75% of your guest list that is what I did and it worked out fine. Good luck I am sure it will be great!

  2. Don't let anybody spoil your fun. I am sure that everything will be wonderful. I am awful at trying to figure out how much food I need. We usually end up eating the leftover food for days.