Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poop Here,Poop There,Poop Everywhere

Let me start off by saying Hudson had his 12 month shots today. I don't know if that had something to do with it but it was nasty it all started of in the car when he was pooping. I brought him inside to change him and he is going through a phase where he doesn't want me to change him he screams and squirms when ever I try to change him. So what did i do I said fine then you can smell like crap.. Well that came back and bit me in the ass. 5 min later I went to get him and change him again when i picked him up it was down his leg, on his cute little clothes and last but not least on the carpet. Nice....
So I laid him down as he was screaming bloody murder and took his clothes off and cleaned him off and I as well. Let me tell you that put a cherry on top of this week. But that's the perk of being a Mommy and I wouldn't change it for the world....

Whats Hudson up to at 12 Months

~Weight 23.4lbs

~Height 30.50in

~Takes 2 naps a day one in morning, one in afternoon

~To bed at 9:45 and sleeps till about 10:00

~Loves,Loves,Loves Food will eat anything solid he will eat

~Hates Green Beans

~Has 2 Bottles a day sometimes 3

~Loves whole milk

~Wears 12-15 Months regular clothes, Jon Jon's he wears 18 months

~Size 4 Diapers

~His words are still Momma,Dada,Bob,here you go,hello,bye bye,Baba,Nana,No,Yeah,ella (bella) Probably leaving some out

~Throws a fit like its nobody business kicks feet, throws his arms and head back and tries to slap you. He also I think tries to bite but we like to think he is giving us kisses. Hehe

~Has his Two front bottom teeth and about 3 or 4 trying to break threw

~Is walking when he wants to......

   It amazing what can change in just a few months. I Love Him more than life itself sometimes its complicated most of  the time its not but I cant wait to see whats going to happen in the next few months. My how they grow so fast...

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