Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why Can't we be Friends :)

This has still been weighing on my chest. Long story short I wrote a post about last week about favoritism with my MIL. I heard that she had said in the hospital that she couldn't get excited/bond with Holden. I found out she said that it really pissed me off but most of all hurt me. Out of all people how could a grandma not bond with a sweet little innocent child of God.
The other day she came out to where I work to "see" the babies she goes well I'm going to take Hudson and I told her she was going to drop him back off at our house. She flips out and says why are y'all being a "bitch to me" I looked at her and told her I'm glad you said something and then I preceded to ask her about what she said in the hospital. She told me a lie at first I looked at her and said don't lie to me. Then she told the truth as she started to cry cause she new she had been cought. This made me sad for someone especially her to here something come out of her mouth. We had a few more choice words that I won't get into. The sad part is we should be getting along I've know her for 20+ years and that to makes me sad she's like a mother to me but I just can't take her anymore this should be a time of joy but I just can't shake this one it's going to take me a while to get over this I forgive but never forget my worst flaw is that I hold a grudge and that's not ok. I just can't get over it I wish I could but every time I look at her I just get madder. It honestly boils down to she thinks the world revolves around her and it's always on her time. What ever is going to make her look good. I wish I could put this to a rest but I can't.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Pictures with Shannon Payne

A few weekends ago we had our family/Holdens newborn pictures done. I always love when we have sessions with her she is great with Hudson and takes awsome pictures. Here is a few I borrowed from her blog. Ha I love them all ready and cant wait to see the rest of them. Thanks Shannon


Monday, June 27, 2011

New Design

I love my new design I knew I wanted something different but didnt know which direction to go in so when I saw that Haley over at was doing blog makeovers I jumped on it shes great to work with as sweet as can be and has awsome prices to. So if your in need of a new do please go see her.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holden 1 Month

I can't believe my sweet baby is 1 month old. Time is really flying by it really needs to slow down. I'm loving being a mommy of two boys.

What's Holden been up too

Holden you are getting so big
~Your 9lbs11oz

~Your 21in long

~You are staying awake longer

~Looking all over the place loves looking at the fan and and lights

~Your eating every 2 to 3 hours and at night you eat around 12 and sleep till 5 and eat again

~Your belly button cord came off at 2 weeks

~You had your first real bath and loved it

~Tummy time your not to fond of

~I put you on your belly and you quickly rolled over on your back
Could be a fluke though well see

Your growing so fast and getting so big if I could keep you like this I would.

Sweet Brothers


Friday, June 24, 2011

Loving My Boys (Tid-Bits)

This past week has been so fun to watch Hudson interact with Holden here is a few things that has gone on.

                                         Love dressing my boys the same
Sweet kisses
Ones up One out

A few days ago I was sitting at my desk and I had Holden in the bouncy seat next to me and I look at him and he has something in his hair. I brush it out and then look over to see where Hudson was well his over in the corner rubbing his hands on the office ground and making his way to Holden. So I out 2 and 2 together and Hudson was showing Holden some brotherly love. I love the age where Hudson is.

Hudson also thought Holden wanted to sleep like he does with the bunny over his face and cover him up. Hudson has sleep like that since he was about a month old. (don't worry daddy was next to him)

This was Hudson holding Holden ha tongue tied ;)
Hes not up to holding him much these days

Love sleeping babies

Love me some Kissie face

I'm loving having two boys and I'm so glad there close in age cant wait to see whats in store with these two. Lots of fun days ahead of us.
Holden will be 1 Month tomorrow times going by so fast so Ill do his post tomorrow.

Yall have a great weekend

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend

First I want to say thanks for all the comments on my last post for Nursing in Public.

Now onto Fathers Day. Saturday we finished up fathers day shopping and my mom tagged along to help with the boys. Lifesaver. Then I got home got the boys ready and then Zach got ready for our Family Pictures at 6. We had a blast and cant wait to see them it was hot but I'm sure they will turn out great. We got done taking pictures then headed to Pickwick to spend Fathers Day with my dad and with Zach. It was so much fun and a nice little get a way. We just lounged around and ate ha. I'm so lucky to have a great father I'm such a daddy's girl and I'm so lucky to have Zach hes the best Father to our children. I love seeing him interact with them. We got home late and gave Daddy his presents then it was off to bed. Here are some pictures from this weekend.

                                    Hudson showing his daddy some love

Zach and the squirrel

Hudson running from the squirrel on the door

Cheeseball anyone

My Dad and Holden

My dad and the boys

Zach and Holden

Hudson's Tired Face

The good life

I hope all the Fathers out there had a great Fathers Day

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nursing in Public

So tonight we were out in about and I had my cute Hooter Hider so I could nurse Holden. This was my first time nursing in public but it was something I had to do I'm pretty sure Holden is going threw a growing period because he has nursed one in the dressing room around 7:50 and now were in Chic-fil-a and it's 9:30 good thing there kinda dead I was nervous at first but I wasn't going to go to the car and nurse it was storming it's butt off. So Sam took a picture of me in my first time nursing in public ha I thought it was funny. What do y'all think about nursing in public? At first i was kinda embarrassed but whatever my child has to eat.

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A look back with IPhone pics

I'm so thankful for my little family of 4. Life is great with us and we are truly blessed. I love all my boys so much!!!!
My sweet sleeping baby boy

Loving me some Hudson

My mom with her favorite boys

I'm so thankful Breastfeeding is going awesome and Holden is gaining weight we had him weighed today and he was at 9lbs. Two weeks ago he was 6lbs that means he has gained 3lbs in the past 2 weeks. I'm so happy I was really worried about this

My dads pet squirrel he is crazy about if you couldn't tell.

Hudson at the office just chilling

Silly Boy

Love these boys

Only a daddy would do this. A big daddy No No but Hudson got a kick out of it

Loving me some Zach

I'm so incredibly blessed to have him in my life.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Favoritism(n) the showing of special favor or the state or fact of being a favorite

I'm writing this post because Ive held it in and only talked about it a  few times with some friends but I need to vent and get it off my chest. This seems to be an ongoing cycle and I swear to you it stops with my kids. This will not get passed down to my kids and if I ever catch any one favoring my children so help me it will be the last time you do it. My parents never favored my brother or me. Its an ongoing thing with The Morrison Family and everyone knows it and sees it. Zach's the oldest and T is the baby. I'm sure you catch were all this is going. T has always been favored cause hes "the baby" she just treats him differently and it really pisses me off. Zach is really laid back and doesn't really care and never has but I just cant let it go. I guess where I'm getting at is when I was in the hospital my MIL was there and you could kinda sense that this wasn't here first priority. She went to down to go outside and talk to my Mom. My mom didn't tell me this she told Sam and made Sam swore that I would not find out cause she knew I would throw a fit and get really mad and hold a grudge cause that's what I do. Sam let it slip out to me a few days after I had Holden. It seems to be when I was in labor with Holden she asked my mom if she was as excited about this one as she was Hudson's birth. My mom just looked at her with a blank stare and said I'm actually more excited because I know what to expect. Then my MIL just said O OK like she felt like an idiot for asking my mom that. Then she left. I guess the thing that really hurt me was she would not leave my side when I was having Hudson you would literally try to pry her off of me and its like she couldn't stay in the room she would always be trying to go get Hudson or go walk around and she was constantly stirring up some kind of drama with everyone and it really hurt my feelings its like she couldn't be happy. So its already trying to start the Favoritism and I'm going to stop it before it gets bad and I'm so lucky to have Zach's support of helping me nip it in the bud if I might say. There was allot more stuff to the story but I really don't fill like getting in to it. It literally makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it and all she has done. Don't get me wrong I love her but she has allot of making up to do because I'm just about over it. i just want to know what the hell was going threw her head when she said that. Im just really hurt over it.                   

                      Ok and now my two sweet little boys I love so much
I hope yall have a great day

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Little Water Boy

Today we went swimming it was so hot and so much fun Hudson had a blast. Here are some pictures I snapped before he was on the move. I wanted to Thank everyone who had congratulated us on Holden's arrival.

Holden sleeping by the pool

Hudson doing his o face

Playing with a stick such a boy

Big Boy

His bathing suit still fits

Getting ready to jump in

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sneak Peak of Holdens Newborn Pictures

Aunt Sam was trying her feet at taking some pictures and I love how they turned out and it was so much fun watching and posing Holden. Heres a few peaks.

She did a wonderful job and I'm going to have trouble finding just one for the birth announcement.