Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holden Birth Story

This is my last belly picture we took before walking into the hospital. I'm going to miss this. May 25,2011 5 am.We walked into L&D and I got checked in and hooked up. All was great until the lovely nurse couldn't get the IV in after the 5th try I kindly asked for someone else to do it. I have a huge bruise on my arm from her blowing a vain. So after that I got some Antibiotics and they started the to induce me. I was fine until I started to get bad back labor and sharp pains. I asked for some Medicine around 11am and they gave me Stadol that was the stuff that knocked me out.  Then I woke up and got sick. I was progressing slowly around 1 I asked for the Epidural. I was not having bad contractions I was having some kind of pain down below and thought the meds would help it but they didn't. At 3pm I was filling pretty weird like in slow motion and heard beeping nosies I didn't know if it was my heart rate or Holden's heart rate. The nurse came running in and told me to get on my side that Holden's heart rate was dropping talk about something scary when your all jacked up on meds but after a few tosses and turns to figure out which way was better for Holden. As I was laying on my side I got alittle bit of rest before I pushed. I had so much pressure down there it felt like he was fixing to come out so by 4:10 the nurse started to call the Dr and she couldn't get him. So then Zach started to text one of our good friends that works in his office and this was the mess it cracked me up because Zach was talking to everyone while I was out of it. Telling her to go get Giddens.

By 4:13 here comes Giddens running into the room and getting ready. He looked at me and said lets have a baby. I started to push and by 4:19pm our sweet baby boy was born. He came out and wasn't crying it took him awhile to cry we had found out as I was pushing that he had a knot in his cord and it was wrapped around his neck. The Dr said if we would have waited any longer to delivery him it would have been a whole other outcome and I don't know what I would have done if I lost another baby. I was looking at the positive and Thanking God for giving us another healthy little Boy. I'm so blessed with my two little boys here on earth and my two baby girls in Heaven. I'm in total ahhh with my life. Its great and perfect. Here are some pictures.

                                                        Love this Picture
Hudson meeting Holden
Mommy & Holden

I'm so Blessed God is Good

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