Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why Can't we be Friends :)

This has still been weighing on my chest. Long story short I wrote a post about last week about favoritism with my MIL. I heard that she had said in the hospital that she couldn't get excited/bond with Holden. I found out she said that it really pissed me off but most of all hurt me. Out of all people how could a grandma not bond with a sweet little innocent child of God.
The other day she came out to where I work to "see" the babies she goes well I'm going to take Hudson and I told her she was going to drop him back off at our house. She flips out and says why are y'all being a "bitch to me" I looked at her and told her I'm glad you said something and then I preceded to ask her about what she said in the hospital. She told me a lie at first I looked at her and said don't lie to me. Then she told the truth as she started to cry cause she new she had been cought. This made me sad for someone especially her to here something come out of her mouth. We had a few more choice words that I won't get into. The sad part is we should be getting along I've know her for 20+ years and that to makes me sad she's like a mother to me but I just can't take her anymore this should be a time of joy but I just can't shake this one it's going to take me a while to get over this I forgive but never forget my worst flaw is that I hold a grudge and that's not ok. I just can't get over it I wish I could but every time I look at her I just get madder. It honestly boils down to she thinks the world revolves around her and it's always on her time. What ever is going to make her look good. I wish I could put this to a rest but I can't.

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  1. Hmmm, tricky situation. So sorry you have to deal with this. It seems like everything is hard lately and nothing is easy anymore. I don't understand either. I struggle with resentment towards my MIL occasionally too, but most of the time I realize that I'm usually wrong. LOL. I suppose it's better since I can't change her anyway, only myself and my thought process. I sympathize with you.