Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nursing in Public

So tonight we were out in about and I had my cute Hooter Hider so I could nurse Holden. This was my first time nursing in public but it was something I had to do I'm pretty sure Holden is going threw a growing period because he has nursed one in the dressing room around 7:50 and now were in Chic-fil-a and it's 9:30 good thing there kinda dead I was nervous at first but I wasn't going to go to the car and nurse it was storming it's butt off. So Sam took a picture of me in my first time nursing in public ha I thought it was funny. What do y'all think about nursing in public? At first i was kinda embarrassed but whatever my child has to eat.

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  1. I would nurse where ever, appropriately covered. Your hooter hider is too cute.

  2. Go you!! I am every bit for nursing in public! Baby comes before what a stranger might think. You will get so good at it that one day you might not even have to use a cover. I'm PROUD of you!!! You are doing an AMAZING job!!!!

  3. I nursed every where! The people that stare are just jealous that they didn't nurse in public :) It gets easier and more comfortable. A Hooter Hider is the ONLY way to go! Keep it up mama!!!!