Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentines Day

For V-Day Zach and I went to Flemings for dinner and let me tell you it was so good. We will be back it was our first V-Day out alone since Hudson was born. It was nice to talk and have a night alone with a great bottle of wine. We did gifts with the boys and each other it was a really nice day! I love my boys so much and am truly blessed. Hudson had a party at school that day and here are his V-Day cards.

The boys in there matching outfits it's hard trying to get two boys to sit still ha

Hudson's big boy haircut :( makes me sad but everyone loves it

Valentines Gifts for the boys

Eating way to much candy

Hudson made this for us at school so so sweet

I hope y'all had a wonderful V-Day

What have the Morrison's been up to

It's been awhile so here is what's up with us in words/pictures
So here we go

Hudson watching TV on his little garbage truck too funny

Playing at the park with Grampy he was so funny Hudson would throw sticks down the slide, then he would go down first then he would make my dad go down and throw sticks at him it was really funny

Love these too

Then Hudson came out of his room one night with his zipper down and diaper half off. This kid kills me sometimes ha

Holden playing in his bed

Holden now sits up in his bed from laying down now. We need to lower the mattress in the morning. Speaking of new beds we finally got a king bed and let me tell you it is heavenly. I was holding out on getting a new comforter till we got a new bed and I'm glad I waited I got it at pottery barn love that store. We are having our headboard made so that's why it's so bare.

The shams love them

Mom got Holden these for Vday so cute along with the boys matching shirts.

Holden trying on caps!!! Too cute
And his first pair of Toms they are so small and cute