Sunday, January 24, 2010

WOW Baby Food another story

Well lets just say Hudson ate carrots for the first time yesterday and he surprising loved them. Lets just say Mommy didn't the next day. Let me just tell you the poop was orange and stunk it was nasty I can only imagine what peas and green beans will look like. On another note I only have 17 more days till we find out what were having I'm so excited I'm really hoping for a boy and girl since our little family is done when the twins arrive. I'm kinda thinking we might have one of each just because when we heard the heartbeats on the doppler one of the heartbeats sounded just like Hudsons did when he was in my belly but the other heart beat was totally different I really don't care just as long as I can bake these babies full term with no problems. Well we will really find out on Feb 13 My best friend is going with us so she can find out the sex then shes going to give us a party that sat for friends and family shes going to make two cakes and then put either pink or blue, blue or blue, or pink and pink, in the cake batter and have us cut into it to revile the sex of the babies I think its a cute idea. But don't know if I can wait that long......

On another note I'm counting down the hours till my saints play tonight. WOOHOO Lets hope they take it all the way. Oh and Ive been not as tired as i have been so what have i wanted to do is Clean I no i don't know what has gotten into me... and i only have one more week of being full time in my job I'm out of training and into my position part time.. So excited. If anyone wants to throw out any names for the babies let me know that's the hardest process for me at least I love different names to..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A few pics

See the tired baby
This was when he didnt fill well still

Playing with his new toy

Hudson being content looking at his mobile

Im glad to report that Hudson is feeling much better. Heres some pictures of him over the past few weeks.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where Do I Start

Lets start with Monday I was off and sick so I stayed in bed. Im feeling alot better now still a little congested. Hudson is feeling better to which is wounderful. veryone in the house is good.

Tuesday>>> Ahh first day of work. I did everything right, got up made me a snack and breakfast all so the twins wouldn't make me hungry since I had to sit in training all day that was blah.. I make sure to eat a big meal before I go in. Wow let me tell you that didn't do a thing the babies have never bothered me so much with being hungry I have never felt that way before so I got up and got something to eat. Then lunch came and I made sure to eat extra good so they would be nice and sleepy :) I came home to see my baby Hudson who I missed like crazy it was hard leaving my little guy for a day but it was good for daddy to go through what mommy has to everyday ahhh bittersweet.. Moving on

Wend Well I was sitting at my desk and what do I fill YUP that's right I felt the twins move and wow is it different than having one in your belly it was so funny it caught me off guard I didn't think it would be that soon to fill them move but once you know what ur feeling you kinda wait for it since it wasn't that long ago of me having a baby.. Work went really good today... and Zach went to get Chinese food for dinner yummy everything is blissfully good in the house.. One thing that sucks though is having to change every time I cough because I pee sorry if its TMI but all you lovely preggers will understand at some point in your pregnancy hehe have a wonderful night. Oh we feed Hudson some bananas tonight and he absolutely loved them hes getting so big laughing all the time now, giving you his binky and siting up my baby's growing up...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Really Sick

So I went to the Dr Friday night and got some meds I couldn't take the sickness any longer good thing I did cause I have the flu, double ear infections and a bad cold. i fill like crap and now Hudson is getting a cold poor baby and the Dr said they couldn't do anything until his fever was 100 i mean really if any one has any suggestions on what i can do besides sucking out his nose which only works for a sec please fill free to let me know. I'm going to rest some more have a great day...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feeling Sick

Lets just say today I fill like crap. I hate being sick when your pregnant you cant take anything strong enough to kick it out of your system. So i asked the Dr yesterday what I could take and he said really nothing I can give you while your pregnant I fill like I'm going to cough up a freaken lung then he said I can give you a prescription for some Loritabs to help you sleep Come On are you Kidding me right now no Cough Meds but Loritabs Really... Makes no sense to me. So Z has had the baby today so I don't get him sick. On a great note I got a part time job SO EXCITED I love being a stay at home mom but need a few hours to myself I mean who doesn't. Especially before the twins make there debut. Ha you apply for a job and don't have any luck but get pregnant and there coming out of the woodwork to hire you. So what did I do suck in my belly and act like nothings growing in my belly can we say almost passed out and it would be the best freaking interview I have had in a long time. I know it was probably wrong but I figure I can play it all out when I prove myself a little later on. I'm just so excited. They seemed really cool anyway I mean its part time... Well hopefully Ill be feeling a lot better tomorrow. Ill start doing the ever so lovely pregnancy quiz and belly pics next week. This should be fun seeing how big the belly will get with two babies growing inside me. Have a good nite.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Went to the doctor today

I'm so excited I'm out of my First Trimester. The Twins are doing awesome there heartbeats were very strong and they were right with each other the whole time. I really fill so blessed. I have my wonderful Zach, My sweet baby Hudson who is getting his first tooth I cant believe it hes growing up so fast, And last but not least The Twins are healthy. We will find out what they are on Feb 10 we cant wait.

Oh and let me just tell you how much I hate Google. About a week ago I was on Google searching for the twins and what do I come across freaking Vanishing Twin Syndrome so I freaked myself out for nothing I was so worried that one of my sweet babies disappeared. I couldn't wait for today to hear there heartbeats. On that note I will try my hardest to stop Googling it just sucks you in. Oh and I have to thank my lovely Z for getting me sick. Have a Great Day.....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Whats up with the hat!! Getting ready for bed

Not So Sure About the Food

Lets see where do i start i actually had a pretty good day after the barfing in the morning I had my nice trip to the store by myself yeah for me. Then got home cleaned the house which Z was glad because I haven't felt like doing anything the past 8 weeks then made us dinner I thought chicken and pasta sounded good (key word sounded good). Blah couldn't eat the chicken so the twins don't like chicken check. Hudson didn't either when he was in mommy's belly. So why on earth would it be different. Moving on

Feed Hudson Check..... Lets just say attempt to with baby food went a little better we got him to swallow half and spit the other half down his bib, clothes, ect..... Whatever it was funny to watch we got some pics that i will post below. After that i wanted some Red Lobster Biscuits yummy yummy we had that for dinner last nite after getting myself all pumped up and looking forward to enjoying my biscuit went to the fridge and they weren't there I flipped and asked Z where they were he said I ate them for breakfast this morning GURRRR. Now what am I going to eat!

well I'm going to get off and catch up on my other blogs.. Here's the pictures of Hudson

Time To Myself Never Felt So GOOD !!!

Ahhh today I thought I would never say that I loved going to the grocery store until today. Z stayed home with Hudson and it was so nice Mommy needed a big break don't get me wrong I love being a stay at home mom, but ever since i got pregnant again its hard having a 4 1/2 month old and being 12 weeks pregnant SO TIRED. It was so nice having me time. I will have to say I took my time in the store.

Tonight is going to be our second attempt to start Hudson on oatmeal. He sill hasn't got the concept to swallow but will get there. He is getting so big and talking/ rambling so much. Anything in his hand goes straight to his mouth its so funny you have to put a bib on him all the time. Well as I'm sitting here thinking how much i had to right I'm at a loss of words my mind is gone ahhh hello pregnancy. Ill try to post later with some pics.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where do I begin

This is the how it all started. We decided to try for a baby back in June 08. Got off BC in June we tried for 4 months in October I took the pregnancy test and found out i was pregnant we were so excited we couldn't wait for the first trimester to roll around so we told are parents I was 6 weeks and days pregnant. We told everyone that Friday and I had a miscarriage that following Monday. I was devastated to have something growing inside of you and all of a sudden it was taken away from you. After going to the quack of a doctor I had telling me to wait until 6 months to try again are you freaking kidding me. You cant give me something and take it away so I took matters into my own hands did I listen nope. I waited a week to get things clear and back to normal then we tried again. Well 2 weeks later I was pregnant again I felt so blessed but scared out of my mind would this one stick. I had a wonderful pregnancy and 9 months later and 23 hours of labor yes I know (worth every minute) our wonderful baby boy was born on August 14 2009. Hudson Kael Morrison. We have been so blessed. Boy Oh Boy did we get the shock of our lives 8 weeks later. I was breast feeding and on birth control my milk was drying up and I didn't no why. I was working out walking 6 to 7 miles a day for about a month wondering why everything else was going away but the belly. I'm sure you all can figure out guessed it I took a test and what do you know BIG FAT POSITIVE oh yeah well after me and Zach were dealing with being pregnant again so soon 3 weeks later I decided to go to the baby doctor when we walked in they all had a big shocked look on there face oh yeah it is me coming back once again for another pregnancy. But this go around was different it didn't fill like the first one I was more tired hungry all the time and I mean all the time plus the weight was coming on twice as fast. Z said I wasn't going to say anything but you have been eating me out of a house and home. I know I know we have a very honest relationship you were never like this when you were pregnant with Hudson Thanks I have noticed that back to the baby doctor since I never got aunt flow I didn't know when we conceived so they did an ultrasound. I knew something was different when the techs eyes got real big. she looks at us and said Kristin your having twins wait what rewind R U FREAKING KIDDING ME I have a 4 month old at home yes yes a 4month old I no. We were just getting used to being pregnant again now were having twins. Needless to say I'm so excited to be having twins I realize how blessed we have been and that God never gives you more than you can handle boy O boy do we have along road ahead of us. The ultra sound showed they were doing great with strong heart beats at 158 and 164. I'm going back Jan 13 and cant wait to see how there doing. Its going to be a crazy journey the next 7 months I'm so excited......