Friday, January 8, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Whats up with the hat!! Getting ready for bed

Not So Sure About the Food

Lets see where do i start i actually had a pretty good day after the barfing in the morning I had my nice trip to the store by myself yeah for me. Then got home cleaned the house which Z was glad because I haven't felt like doing anything the past 8 weeks then made us dinner I thought chicken and pasta sounded good (key word sounded good). Blah couldn't eat the chicken so the twins don't like chicken check. Hudson didn't either when he was in mommy's belly. So why on earth would it be different. Moving on

Feed Hudson Check..... Lets just say attempt to with baby food went a little better we got him to swallow half and spit the other half down his bib, clothes, ect..... Whatever it was funny to watch we got some pics that i will post below. After that i wanted some Red Lobster Biscuits yummy yummy we had that for dinner last nite after getting myself all pumped up and looking forward to enjoying my biscuit went to the fridge and they weren't there I flipped and asked Z where they were he said I ate them for breakfast this morning GURRRR. Now what am I going to eat!

well I'm going to get off and catch up on my other blogs.. Here's the pictures of Hudson

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