Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where Do I Start

Lets start with Monday I was off and sick so I stayed in bed. Im feeling alot better now still a little congested. Hudson is feeling better to which is wounderful. veryone in the house is good.

Tuesday>>> Ahh first day of work. I did everything right, got up made me a snack and breakfast all so the twins wouldn't make me hungry since I had to sit in training all day that was blah.. I make sure to eat a big meal before I go in. Wow let me tell you that didn't do a thing the babies have never bothered me so much with being hungry I have never felt that way before so I got up and got something to eat. Then lunch came and I made sure to eat extra good so they would be nice and sleepy :) I came home to see my baby Hudson who I missed like crazy it was hard leaving my little guy for a day but it was good for daddy to go through what mommy has to everyday ahhh bittersweet.. Moving on

Wend Well I was sitting at my desk and what do I fill YUP that's right I felt the twins move and wow is it different than having one in your belly it was so funny it caught me off guard I didn't think it would be that soon to fill them move but once you know what ur feeling you kinda wait for it since it wasn't that long ago of me having a baby.. Work went really good today... and Zach went to get Chinese food for dinner yummy everything is blissfully good in the house.. One thing that sucks though is having to change every time I cough because I pee sorry if its TMI but all you lovely preggers will understand at some point in your pregnancy hehe have a wonderful night. Oh we feed Hudson some bananas tonight and he absolutely loved them hes getting so big laughing all the time now, giving you his binky and siting up my baby's growing up...


  1. Glad to hear you are all better. I pray that this pregnancy will be good for you-mine was GREAT! But TWINS I cant imagine-I would be hungry constantly. Braden had the hiccups all the time and guess what he STILL has them all the time. What did you do for Hudson's little cold-I was going to say maybe incline the bed a little not sure if that would help though. I hope you have a great rest of the week-get some rest girl you know you are going to need it.

  2. Congrats x 2!! How exciting to feel them move - I can't wait to feel my little peanut move!