Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feeling Sick

Lets just say today I fill like crap. I hate being sick when your pregnant you cant take anything strong enough to kick it out of your system. So i asked the Dr yesterday what I could take and he said really nothing I can give you while your pregnant I fill like I'm going to cough up a freaken lung then he said I can give you a prescription for some Loritabs to help you sleep Come On are you Kidding me right now no Cough Meds but Loritabs Really... Makes no sense to me. So Z has had the baby today so I don't get him sick. On a great note I got a part time job SO EXCITED I love being a stay at home mom but need a few hours to myself I mean who doesn't. Especially before the twins make there debut. Ha you apply for a job and don't have any luck but get pregnant and there coming out of the woodwork to hire you. So what did I do suck in my belly and act like nothings growing in my belly can we say almost passed out and it would be the best freaking interview I have had in a long time. I know it was probably wrong but I figure I can play it all out when I prove myself a little later on. I'm just so excited. They seemed really cool anyway I mean its part time... Well hopefully Ill be feeling a lot better tomorrow. Ill start doing the ever so lovely pregnancy quiz and belly pics next week. This should be fun seeing how big the belly will get with two babies growing inside me. Have a good nite.....


  1. boo for being sick, but yay for getting a part time job! good for you! especially being preg WITH TWINS!! GOOD LUCK GIRL!!
    p.s. loratab for a cold? really? drs. are so weird. My Dr. said the same thing to me yesterday about the pain i've been having.. "no motrin or advil!! but hey, if the pain gets worse we'll put you on percocet or loratab..." um..?? that makes no sense. haha!!

  2. I am so sorry that you are not feeling well & Loratab...WOW!! Good for you for getting a part time job....enjoy your "free" time away!! I hope that you are better today & to answer your question regarding the month stickers on Brayden I got them on even have some week ones for pregnant belly's :)