Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Things/Missing in Action

Yes I have lots of explaining to do I have not blogged in about let's just say along time! Theres been lost of changes going on with our life all great. The most recent one is I have decided to open my own boutique. I've wanted to since high school and finally Zach and I talked about it and he said let's go for it! He is very supportive of anything I want to do. We have been going to Markets and gathering up clothes for children and some women's clothes as well. I'm so excited to start this next chapter in our lives. P.s we also have more news as well. That will come another time. So if your on Facebook please go and LIKE our page, were in the process of looking for stores but that had to be put on hold for a little while we had some unexpected things come up. All good by the way. So if y'all don't mind please Like and Share our page it's called The Pickled Paisley. The link is So be sure and check out The Pickled PaisleyThanks so much and I will be back to update with more about our family! I couldn't figure out how to link my page on here so just let me know if y'all have any trouble!!!