Friday, June 3, 2011


I was a little worried about how Hudson would take the "new baby" other know as Holden. After I had Holden we video taped him walking in and meeting his little brother. He was a little in aah of everyone and thing that was going on. We got him some stuff from Holden including some Mellisa & Doug cars and trucks, colors and some coloring books as well as a Monkey Book. Here's Hudson meeting Holden for the first time in the Hospital.

Daddy showing baby Holden
                                     Giving him kisses
                                      Opening his gifts
                                    Looking at him

The days I was in the hospital Auntie Sam was at our house watching Hudson Zach and I wanted him as comfortable as possibly since we had some pretty big changes happening. Our family is so lucky to have Sam.
I came home Friday afternoon and got everything situated and just spent time with Zach and Holden before Hudson came home. Sam brought Hudson home and he walked by me looked and said Hi baby then just walked away. it was to funny. He has taken really  well with Holden. We did have one little episode with him that Saturday I was nursing Holden ans Hudson insisted that he was getting in my lap. He was a big mamas boy then which rarely ever happens but I enjoyed it. Here are a few pictures I captured during the last week.
love these 2

Hudson's going to be the best Big Brother

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