Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Day Monday Was.....

Well let me just start off by saying Monday was crazy and aggravating. It all started over the weekend I want a new car so we went looking Sunday. Right now I have a Ford Exploder let start of by saying I.Love.This.Car but It is justtime for a new one... Granted the car has been very good to me from when I would Not   forget to change the oil a couple  few months past due to lets just say its been very good to me That is until it heard I wanted a new car he he not really funny.Sam, Hudson and I were on the interstate on our way to look at a new Bug convertible for her she looks at me and says this...
Sam:kistin its really hot why is your air blowing hot air.
Me: ....I don't know Sam.....
Me: Driving onto the interstate
Sam: OMG its really hot Kristin, Hudson playing with his feet in the back
Sam: Is your car overheating,
Me: I don't know Sam How can I tell (yes I am a Blondie)
Sam: Omg Kristin the car is overheating look at the Gage its on the red
Me: Omg what do I do as I call Zach he tells me pull over pull over you will mess up your car
Me: Zach were on the interstate
Zach: Pull over Kristin your going to mess you car up
Me: OK (pulled over)

So nice I have my Dad come get us leave my car on the interstate inMemphis are you kidding me I'm surprised it was still there when Zach came back to get it. S owe get in his car and go look at Sam's car she wants to get....

Now on to me I got approved for a new car but I want to see my Trans Am Ram Air I'm really sad because its a Bad Ass car if i don't say so myself but its not practical so its just sitting in the garage. I wanted to sale it so I would have a down payment for my car so Craig's list it is.... Now I'm just waiting to sale my car so I can get a New Car... Aha I can Taste it.... The New Car That Is.... and my exploder thought I was going to trade it in I guess and decided to pull that little stunt on me yesterday... Not OK, but it did fine this morning on the way to work.....

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