Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Fun Has Began

Oh yes I'm in full planning, shopping mode for my Hudson's 1st Birthday. Tonight Auntie Sam and I went shopping for toys, toys and more toys. We got so much stuff its not even funny. I think Zach and I are going to get him a little mini 4 wheeler its so cute, and a fisher price plastic gym set with a slide, and last but not least a little Radio Flyer Wagon. I know y'all might be thinking hum why a mini 4 wheeler because daddy is a fanatic when it comes to ATVs. Hudson already has a mini gas power 4 wheeler and dirt bike for when he gets alittle older. This is so exciting and fun to but sad at the same time cause my baby is growing up. Now I leave you with a cute picture of Hudson and some more party stuff. O I also have a blog question how do I upload videos.

Daddy has him working already

I love his face in this picture

Now party stuff

The more stuff I look at the more I fall in LoVe with this ThEmE and OMG I'm in love with ETSY

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