Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Babies are Great Everything is Great

Hudson thinking I've got this I'm the Big Brother
This is Twin B the calm one

This is Twin B saying I'm not going to move for you

Twin A can u tell which one loves taking good pictures

Twin A the wild one

All I have to say is wow I got to have an ultra sound for an hour and a half it was awesome we have the best lady who does are US and they all love us there Because we have been going there for two years total... The twins are awesome they are both 7oz and heartbeats at 154 and 155 which my doctor said is great everything is on track for both babies no problems We have to go back in a month to get another ultra sound cause baby b was not doing anything but laying there and she couldn't take all the pictures that she needed. They cant tell if there is on placenta or two so I might have to get a 3d scan to tell In the coming weeks. Ashley found out what the babies were I will go with my instincts and say we might have a girl on the way just cause I'm 17 weeks and still sick as a dog. I was never sick with Hudson. We will really find out Sunday what a great V day present for Zach and I. I'm just in total aha. I cant believe that they have grown so much It was funny Baby A is the most active every time she would try to get pictures of Baby B, Here comes Baby A taking the spot light kicking all in her picture moving around and doing flips we can tell which one is the wild child in the womb. I'm just speechless. And very Blessed!!!!


  1. WOW! How amazing is that?!? I'm so happy the babies are doing well! They are getting so big!! And Hudson is so CUTE!

  2. Congratulations!!! So amazing :)

  3. Wow, twins always amaze me!! What awesome pictures!!