Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Blueberries Why

So this pregnancy I'm addicted to fruit and breakfast food. O how I love my waffles,pancakes,sausage (yummy),bacon and biscuits. I crave fruit and breakfast all day everyday. Well the other day we were shopping at SAM'S and I got some blueberries they were so good so Thursday I brought a cup of blueberries to work with me later that night I saw some red dots on my face I was thinking lord what have the girls done to my face now, didn't think anything else about it. Well the next day I ate some more well my stomach started to cramp up and get real tight I was thinking wow morning sickness has hit me a little earlier today. Nope boy was I wrong after I got done pucking in the bathroom my face was blood red which is normal after you get sick. Hours later my eyes were swelling up and I had hives all over my face yup I was having an allergic reactions. So needless to say I have never had a problem with Blueberries I do now. Which totally SUCKS.

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  1. Oh no, that does suck! I love blueberries but for some reason I'm ADDICTED to peaches and mangos.