Monday, March 1, 2010

Twins VS Singleton Pregnancy

Wow just let me tell y'all that I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twin girls. I'm as big as I was now at 20 weeks when I gave birth to my son Hudson 6 1/2 months ago and now I fill like I'm at the end of my other pregnancy. I cant breath at night and if I lay on my left side it fills like one of the girls is going to break my rib. So I sleep with 7 pillows behind me and 1 in between my legs. That's just the beginning this pregnancy is just bringing out totally different things than just being pregnant with just one. I have noticed when I was caring Hudson the whole time I felt like he was going to fall out the whole time ,with the girls they are so high up they go into my ribs, make me not be able to breath cause they are constantly on some kind of organ and last but not least when I sit down its like they just float on up to my neck :) O and need I mention the god awful morning afternoon and night sickness. I'm so tired of throwing up everyday and none of my tricks are helping anymore. Don't get me wrong I'm loving this pregnancy and fill very blessed but I have so many questions that I don't have answers to on twin pregnancy's. Trying to bake two babies is allot different than baking one. I can only imagine if I'm suffering this much now what the hell am I in for in the next few weeks;(

Now on to my Hudson he is getting so big he has been sitting up by himself like a big boy for two weeks now, and hes holding his own bottle now. That's a sad milestone cause now hes not so big into letting you hold him like a little baby anymore. Any nursing mothers out there any suggestions on a good breast pump. What did y'all like using best. Thanks for letting me vent/complain have a great night.

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