Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Knew Men ..........

Payed Attention To Wallets and Purses,

OK so I have a wee little problem with buying purses not typical kind of purses, very expensive purses, My best friend and I went shopping last Thursday with Hudson we went to an outside mall it was a wonderful day and I really needed to get out of the house with everything that has went on the past couple weeks. So we went to Macy's and browsed by the Kate Spade and Coach section. Two words BAD IDEA!!!! Here's a little role play,

Me: Oh Sam this bag is so Pretty
Sam: Oh Kristin it really is
Me: I know isn't it, It would look really good on my arm RIGHT
Sam: Yes it would, You know Kristin you haven't bought yourself a nice purse in a long time
Me: That's right Sam I haven't I'm going to get one or two HEHEHE

So that's when Sam, Hudson, and I debated on weather to get the Coach Or Kate Spade. Whats a girl to do, that's right I got them both... he he ;) Then we walked our happy butts down to Dillard's and I splurged on a nice little HOBO wallet. I know Bad Girl but it made me fill better or at least for a little while, I deserve it. Sam said Z will never know who pays attention to handbags anyway well Z does ha Q dinner time We went to Bonefish (yummy) by the way I told Z to hand me my purse (bad idea) he looked at it and says wow Kristin that's a real nice purse when did you get it Hummmmm I said what that old thing he he Z said yeah right K you were shopping with Sam for 8 Hours yesterday. OK I caved I haven't bought myself anything nice in a long time he said its OK you deserve it Wow Q the tears thank you baby, Now just let me tell you Z has never controlled our money so I knew he would more than likely be OK with it. As we were paying I pulled out my bright Coral Orange HOBO wallet and he so ever nicely say What the hell Kristin you have allot of money over there in that nice little purse and that wallet. Needless to say he loves it. But really who knew that guys carried so much about what a women crays Ha ha I guess its a money thing. But when ever I start to fill bad about it I sit back and think man we both have been through allot so I cope with the process of spending some money. I know I know. Not a good thing once again I don't hide things from Z and I'm not always shopping have a wonderful day.

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  1. You DO deserve it! I am a Coach junkie myself. Enjoy your new purses!