Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will Tuesdays Ever Be The Same

Wow so here it is. 3 weeks have went by since we said goodbye to Mallory and Mary. About this time 3 weeks ago all the shit hit the fan and I had my baby girls. Like I said I have good days and bad days the angry days are getting a little better Ive realized I cant take it out on the people I love but when I do they understand. Will I ever be the same person I was. I just fill that my soul is lost, it got striped away the same time the girls passed away. Ever day is a challenge and I have my good moments and my bad moments. I was looking so forward to having a pair of girls. Our family would have been complete of our boy and our girls. I was looking forward to putting cute little bows in there hair, matching them in the same outfits and just dressing them in ruffles. God please grant me with a healthy pregnancy next time I know when it comes I will be a nervous wreck. I was so confident that the twins pregnancy was going great I just cant believe there actually gone. Will my life ever be the same, will I ever fulfill my dream of having a little girl to join with my sweet little boy, will I ever be blessed with a twin pregnancy again. So many questions and no answers. Will my life ever be the same, Will a Tuesday ever be the same.


  1. Kristin,
    I am so sorry about Mary and Mallory. I lost my twins too at 20 weeks. Their due date is on April 14. It is the roughest. I lost my babies on a Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays. I will always hate them. Hudson is a cutey... The girls feets are precious. Hugs amiga in baby loss.

  2. As a mother who lost twins and a singleton, my heart goes out to you. ((hugs))