Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Kind Of Date Night

So Z and I have decided to have date night on Thursday. Like I said A new kind of date night. We sat down last night and had a long talk about Hudson, our life, and date night. The past two days have absolute been the hardest two days of my life I handle stuff different. After work I went to Hobby Lobby they had a sale on there flowers so I got a dozen light pink roses and a dozen hot pink roses. Light pink for Mary Grace and Hot pink for Mallory Grace. We had decided by there personalities that Mary was the sweet one and Mallory was the feisty one just like her mama. You could even see it in the ultra sounds it was crazy how something so little inside you can have such a personality. So when it gets nice outside were going to put them on the grave. So after Hobby Lobby I went to the cemetery and just sat there for hours and cried. It was a much needed cry and it felt good.

So on to the Thursday night date night. It is going to start of with one of the grandparents watching Hudson and then Z and I are off. We plan to go to this thing called Lulla-Byes its an Infant Loss Support Group put on by the hospital. We both agree that it will be good for the both of us, then we will probably go to dinner and a movie. What a date night its going to be great to get back to one night a week with Z. Its fun the three of us but it will be good for the two of us to. This that were going through has made us realize that our love for one another is so incredibly strong. Z is an awsome support system. And Ive also decided that instead of taking my anger out on people I'm going to take a kick boxing class and start working out again. I might also talk to my Dr about getting on some type of medicine it all depends on how the group goes it might be enough to help me. The hormones have been really bad i think there worse then when I had Hudson, probably from the girls and me being pregnant for two years. Well thanks for listening to me this is my escape. And I love reading your comments. O as you have noticed I put pictures of the girls feet. They are so little and precious. Have a wonderful day.


  1. You are soo incredibly strong! As always your in my thoughts and prayers...

  2. I'm glad you & your hubby got to have a date night, even if it does have todo with the healing process & going to a support group.

    The amount of strength you have amazes me & am still praying for your little family.

    The pictures of the girls' feet are so precious.