Friday, March 26, 2010

I will slap you lady!!!!!

Let me just start off by saying I had to let myself take it down a notch from yesterday before I posted this. Because I was so flippen Pissed. So it all started yesterday we were in the process of ordering our baby girls headstone. You'd think they would want to make this as easy as possible right? Nope! I got on the phone with this lady and was asking some questions, one of Mine and Zach's friend had offered to make us one for the girls. Because a 6x6 was freaking $1100 and couldn't even fit both the girls names on plus I'm not to fond of all the brass and copper looks. i wanted something different a nice piece of granite slab with a saying on it and there names. Something sweet, I was talking to the lady about this and she started to get an attitude with me because we didn't want to go with there headstones by the way are so freaking expensive. So me being the nice person I am just broke down and let her have it. I told her that knowing it would be this difficult we wouldn't of buried the girls there. She said the rules of the headstone have to have brass on it. Well I don't want brass. She said well you cant have your headstone made and set in our cemetery unless it has brass on it. Bullshit. I know I probably didn't handle this the best way but I was mad!So after going off and getting made at her I got off and told Zach to deal with it. I just couldn't do it. talking about this still pisses me off. So now our poor girls grave site has sunk in the dirt like 8in because all the rain, they tool up the flowers that were still blooming and threw them away. So now its just plan, nothing on it but dirt and a freaking orange flag marking were they are. I'm sorry this is a how can i put this vent post I guess but i had to get it out of my system for all my blogging buddies out there. Have a wonderful weekend I fill a little better now.


  1. I am glad you vented!! I would be damn pist too! I would have let that lady have it for sure!!

  2. Its a good thing you vented, you have to get get it out somehow!
    I just started to follow your blog and am amazed by your strength! I hope you continue to heal and will keep following your story!

  3. Hey Kristin...I kind of understand your concerns/frustrations...
    My husband and I have a monument company on the side, and the problem is that certain cemeteries have certain rules, and that is that...
    The lady should have never used that tone with you, because you have to be gentle in that situation, but if that is the rule, then unfortunately, you have to go with it. Also, it is the cemeteries responsibility to make the grave site look nice. I know the ground is probably sinking in right now, but that is what happens when it gets wet, and they probably will not work on it until you have a stone ordered. Once the stone is ordered then they will either pour a cement foundation or set a pre-made foundation on the ground, for the stone to sit on, that way it does not sink down into the ground.
    My advice is to search around your area and talk to several different monument companies. Try to find a nice, understanding, local family company, because they do not have as much overhead and can charge you a MUCH cheaper price, (around half of what they wanted to charge you) because the rest of it is just commission. Also sometimes people will help you out generously in that way, considering the situation, and your money situation. You can get a stone that will still look very nice, but it sounds like you will have to get the brass on it if that is their rule. I know this is so hard right now, because you do not want that and you are already dealing with tons of other emotions....
    I hope any if not some of this info will help you out and please if you have any questions let me know. God bless!

  4. Im so sorry you had to deal with someone sounds like its time for that lady to find a new job, cause she sucks at it. Best of luck, keep searching. Hugs, Nan

  5. Thank you all for your comments and Anne thanks for kinda explaining it the lady said that they had just change the rules about 2 years ago and are getting new guideines it just a pain in the butt to deal with this. I guess Ill just have to deal but ill try looking around to. Thanks

  6. I'm sorry she was rude to you, regardless of the "rules" she should have been compassionate after all that you've gone through. That really sucks. :(