Monday, January 17, 2011

20 Weeks and More

I was a total mess this past week. I reached the halfway point in my pregnancy. I had the twins when I was 20 1/2 weeks. So yes I was on pins and needles the whole week. I trusted that it was all in Gods hands and that he would stand by us. We had No Problems so we were Thankful and I fill so blessed to be carrying a healthy little baby boy in my belly again.Thursday January 13 was Zach's Birthday we had such a great time but I didn't get any pictures. His dad stayed home with Hudson so we could go to dinner. I took him to Bonefish let me just say this baby does not like Bonefish everything I had was just really bad tasting thanks baby boy. We had a blast we got home and he opened presents from Hudson and I. The weekend was pretty low key just going out to dinner and resting and watching TV. Sunday we got up and went to Crackle Barrel for Breakfast it was Yummy then we went house hunting we are still looking for a house we found a few but who knows. We got home and my MIL, Hudson and I went shopping it was really fun. We went to Ann Taylor and she got me some shirts which was really nice I got them a size bigger so I could wear them as maternity shirts which worked perfect. Hudson is the best little boy but unless he doesn't get a nap and yesterday he didn't so we were checking out at Ann Taylor and I proceeded to put him in his stroller but he wasn't having it. He arched his back and kicked his feet and screamed He had never done this before and I was embarrassed I know I shouldn't because I'm sure this happens alot but still. Then Mimi gets him out to hold him and he picks up a necklace and chunks it across the store so she payed and I took him outside with a quickness. You just have to look back and laugh sometimes.

Baby Contest
Everyone who knows me knows how much I love The Happy Heart it my favorite children's boutique in Arlington they were having a baby contest this past week on Face book and the baby with the most likes wins a 50$ gift card. So we entered Hudson and he won it was a fun competition to do he had to be in an outfit from The Happy Heart and Hudson ended up winning with 99 likes. This is the picture we put in the contest I love it.

Hudson is getting so big so fast and is learning so much I cant wait to see him enter act with his new baby brother. I hope y'all have a wonderful Day.

Another Post to follow By the way Im 21 weeks today and I promise I will do a belly picture and update tommorrow

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  1. Yay for an uneventful 20 weeks!! I know it's a scary time when you're passing all the milestones with your twins, but you'll get there! I'm right there with you sharing these same feelings.

    I'll be waiting for more pregnancy updates and belly shots!!