Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wait For It....

So as many of y'all know we were going to open up a store front of my store
The Pickled Paisley. We have now put that on hold. B/C Wait for it, wait for it....

That's right The Morrison Clan is happy to announce that we are adding another Baby Boy to the family. He is due in June and I'm currently 27 weeks. We have had a bit of a rough 2nd trimester. Lots of scares but everything looks great now!! We were in shock because this was not in our plan but we will take it!! A baby is such a joy and a blessing. I'm really happy were having another little boy. A good friend told me we will never have a little girl because our sweet Mallory and Mary Grace were to sweet to replace. I thought that was an awesome answer and truth. We ask Hudson if he wants another brother and he said No I have Holden but he needs a brother, we just laugh. Here are some pictures. We still haven't told FB yet. 3 little boys all 2 years apart lord help me!!! I can hear it now when they get older the school calling me Mrs Morrison please come get your boys there in trouble again!

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  1. I KNEW it! I was on the edge of my seat when you hinted at "family news". Congratulations! So exciting!