Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Today Hudson started back to St Paul's. He's in the classroom called the Silly Snails. We got up this morning and got ready. Heres a picture of him dancing in the car.

He did great we pulled up at school and goes mama look look and pointed at the school.
He gave me his pasie baby and goes book bag. He is saying so many new words I love to hear him talk. Getting out of the car
Go go

Got my back pack ready

I can't wait to go pick him up today. I'm excited that he's back in school because he loves it but also a little sad because he's not with me. It will be ok just a few more hours.

Last night I was tickling Holden and he started to giggle. Talk about music to my ears.

Have a great day!!!

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