Sunday, August 21, 2011

Changes In My Life

Let me just say that this move has opened my eyes to a whole new world of people. We moved to East Memphis about 2 months ago. It turns out we knew a few people that we went to school with. The big changes come in right about now. I have a group of let's say people in my life that say there your friends But when you really need them they aren't there for you. I guess there called your just there friends. I guess the biggest problem I have is all the people who are fake. Zach and I have fake friends. That is a real good way to put it. Since we have moved here we have made and meet some really nice people over here. Unlike the fake ones who act like they are perfect and have all this money in the world and always want to compete with you much less make you fill like shit. I don't think of people like that saying there your friends. The other day I was going threw Facebook and deleted lots of people I have about 90 friends and family now. I'm just done with the bullshit and pettiness that comes with people. No I'm not perfect and I've came along way since high school about how your friends change and everything but what I have realized was the people I didn't talk to in high school are better friends than the people I talked to if that makes any since. So as of now I'm making these changes in my life. I'm ready to start over and try new stuff. I'm also going to start this boot camp training this week that is supposed to be awesome. I'm ready for a change and ready to get this 3 years and 4 babies later of pregnancy off my body. I'm excited of what's new in store for us. Ok I'm done ranting but I fill really good about getting this stuff off my chest. I hope everyone has an awesome week.
And to leave you a picture of my sweet sweet baby boys
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