Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blow Outs,Lock Ins,and More

So lets start out with Monday. Monday we were celebrating my Dads Birthday. I was getting stuff ready so I left Hudson with Sam and took Holden with me.It was around six and I was wondering why it was taking Sam so long to get to our house. She drives a little VW Bug and its been messing up on her latley she calls me and shes crying and says that her car had locked Hudson in the car while her keys and cell phone were in the car as well as Hudson. She went in to call her mom first to bring extra keys but thought the fire department would be faster. So as she was in a panic Hudson was in the car waving at everyone needless to say we have had heat warnings galore here but that didnt stop Hudson, he started to freak out with excitment when the firetruck showed up. They got him out and told Sam it was ok it happens all the time. So sad she calls me after all this went down so I wouldnt freak out to. Hudson was loving the fireman and the truck they had to stay and watch it go away ha. Thank God everything turned out ok. So now she is looking at trading in her car. On other notes Tuesday Holden had two blow out and I ran out of clothes for him at work. Thank God we have a washing machine I just got the kids and left and worked on getting my almost 2 year olds party togeather so sad. We are finishing the last few touches on Hudsons party. Hopefully Ill get around to taking pictures of Holdens new nursery up by this weekend. I leave you with some pictures.

Love this Hudson painted his face
2nd Day of School
Sweet Smile
Play Hard Sleep Hard
Sweet loving Brothers

I hope yall have a great day.


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  1. I am always scared that my car will lock with the kids in it. It's funny how he wasn't bothered by it at all.