Friday, June 8, 2012

Show Us Your Life Kitchens

For some strange reason I can't figure out for the life of me on how to link up to Kellys page so I'll just do it from her.

Our house is an old East Memphis house that has been added on to. The kitchen is one of my favorite parts in the house. We love to cook. Zach more than I. I love to bake.

Here's the view from in the living room

This is the view from corner by the French Doors the oven is to die for

This is from standing in the Master Bed Room I love the corner cubby it fits perfect and in the fall I open the doors and it's pure Bliss

The backsplash is green and I love how we have the plate holders

I try to keep the countertops not cluttered but it's really hard.

We love spending time in the kitchen. Are table is across the den cause it was added on and it's a mess with Zach's stuff on it so I didn't take a picture of it

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  1. What a beautiful kitchen! Would LOVE an oven/stove like that some day! :-)