Monday, June 4, 2012

Indianapolis Children's Museum

We left the camp site on Monday and traveled to the Indianapolis Children's Museum this is the worlds biggest Children's Museum it was great and 5 stories. It took us about an hour and half for each level to complete. Hudson's obsessed with Dinosaurs so they had a great exhibit on them. Here are some pictures (overload)

This was the outside so neat

Blown Glass Ceiling

Glass goes all the way to the top

Hot Wheels exhibit

Racing Hot Wheels down the wall

Tunnel of Hot Wheels

They also had a Lego Exhibit

Always standing on his head

Needless to say we had a blast we left there about 5 and we t home threw Kentucky it's such a beautiful drive threw there. We ended up going to a huge outlet store that detoured us for a few hours then ended up dropping in a Nanny and Ddads house in bowling green it was fun we didn't get home till 3am tuesday morning but we had a blast!!!!!!

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