Monday, December 13, 2010

Ho Ho Ho=No No No

We had a blast this weekend we started our weekend by getting up brite and early Saturday morning to go have Breakfeast with Santa. There is this place in Mississippi that has just started to do this so I got all of us reservations and we were on our way it was My Dad, MIL, Zach, Hudson, and I. It was a blast besides it raining the whole time on us it was in this barn and it was all you can eat of homemade breakfast which was a pregnant girls dream :). We ate and every thing was going so well UNTIL Santa walks by Hudson this is where the screaming came in I mean full blown tears its kinda sad because we couldn't even get a picture with Santa Hudson would not have it even with Zach holding him it was not OK. Here is a few pictures

 Ha Zach would kill me if he new I put this up He he(Poor Poor Baby)

Then we left to go to the Enchanted Forest Our Family and Zach's Family used to go all the time when we were little it was so much fun and we thought Hudson would enjoy it and he had a blast. I will post pictures later because  now the picture thing wont work lovely. Then Sunday was freezing I mean high only maybe 29. So I got in the baking mood and baked all day, watched some football, ate and we all stayed in out PJ'S all day it was nice then we went to my MIL for dinner it was a great weekend overall and Hudson still has a few Santa Outfits he needs to wear so maybe we will try the Santa visit thing again. I hope all had a great weekend and stay warm.
By the way I only have 17 more days till we find out what Baby H is......

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  1. OMG! I have been so out of the loop! What a blessing! I have not posted on my blog in ages and have not even had time to read others. But I am tryign to catch up today. My prayers are with you during this pregnancy. I know you are so excited and scared at the same time-but just know God is with you and he will NEVER forsake you! Keep us posted! And stay healthy-this flu stuff is bad this year.
    My new years resolution is to post on my blog at least once per week this year! Lets see how long that will last! Have a Merry Christmas!!!