Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Week Ahead

This is going to be a crazy busy week. Lets start off what we did over the weekend Zach got an offer on a great job aside from his business which is in the line  of work he is doing which couldn't of came at a better time with a new baby on the way. He has teamed up with an investor who buys houses and Zach is his head person to run the jobs which is WONDERFUL things are finally looking up for us Thank God for him blessing our family so close to the new year!!! Zach needed new clothes for work so we started the day of shopping eating shopping some more and did I mention eating. Then we made a surprising stop. We went to our jewelry guy and looked at getting my ring added on to the ring Zach proposed to me means the world to me it was my grandmothers 65 year old platinum ring and Zach had bought the Diamond to put in it which was beautiful so we stoped buy to see if it was possible to add a few more diamonds on there kinda like a Past,Present,and Future ring. We ended up just having to get another ring but I'm putting my birthstone in my grandmothers ring so i can still wear it. It was a early Christmas Present to me he said I will get it Wednesday and let me tell you my hand fills naked with out my ring on. i cant wait to see the finished product. We had a blast just spending family time together Saturday. Sunday we went to my MIL to have breakfast she made us Eggs Benedict and fruit with potato's it was great. That topped are weekend off and then we went home and crashed.... Now on to this week. We have decided to go out of town for Christmas I'm really wanting to stay home but it will be OK were going to KY to see Nanny and Ddad the whole family is getting together but it will be fun I host a Christmas Party for family and  friends on Christmas eve but we will be gone so I have changed it to Thursday that will be our Christmas Eve party and then on the real Eve it will be our Santa morning after that we will get ready and with a few stops in Nashville to do ICE and go to Opryland and take pictures we will finally reach our destination to Bowling Green to have dinner with the family. So this week is going to be jammed packed. But what wouldn't be the holidays without a little craziness. i hope everyone has a great and Merry Christmas.

I am 17 weeks today and kinda sad because when I was pregnant with the girls we had just found out that they were girls. And would be having test soon for complications. This is when things started to go down hill with the twins if you could just keep us and baby H in your prayers for a smooth pregnancy and for God to give me strength in the next few weeks as I'm inching my way to 20 weeks with this new pregnancy. Thanks

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